That I can barely click is a pitiful foible at the best of times, one that now makes the dexterous talents of 14-year-old finger tutting prodigy Katherine Dieguez all the more astonishing.

Dieguez – aka Katz – is the owner of the titular Magic Hands at the centre of designer Karen Walker’s latest jewellery campaign of the same name. Her collaboration with Katz is the second instalment in the series, following on from the incredible portraits created last month in collaboration with LA-based Advanced Style photographer Ari Seth Cohen and his cast of infinitely endearing, technicolour senior citizens. 

“What defines all of these women is the wonderful expressiveness of their hands,” Walker said in a statement. “There’s a sense of identity, of who they are, that comes through so clearly without the need to see anything more than their fingers. We loved that about these women – their hands are truly magic.”

The California-based Katz is part of an esoteric online community, Finger Circus, devoted to ‘finger tutting’ – elaborate choreography involving the intricate and precise movement of the fingers, hands and arms in spectacular arrangements not unlike ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs – an art form originally made popular online by dancers like P-Nut, with whom Katz has previously collaborated.  

You can revisit Magic Hands as envisioned by Ari Seth Cohen here. Karen Walker Jewellery is available in the designer’s stores, online and in select stockists.