Kanye West’s return to Twitter is proving fruitful, and not just because of all the life advice.

A recently tweet-happy Kanye announced this morning that he’ll soon drop not one but two new albums.

As explained in a series of tweets, the rapper confirmed the first album will be seven songs long and drop on June 1. The second album will be in partnership with his long-time collaborator Kid Cudi, and will be released on June 8.

He described the collaboration as a “band” called Kids See Ghosts.

He followed up those tweets with two more artists and calendar dates – Teyana Taylor on June 22 and Pusha T May 25.

It’s not yet clear if he’s referring to another two albums with those artists, or just singles. But he’ll no doubt update us soon. Stay glued to Twitter to find out.

Kanye’s last album was Life Of Pablo in 2016.

Overnight Kanye dropped more nuggets of wisdom from the “book” he’s writing on Twitter, including “We’re all servants”. Think about it.