Kaia Gerber
Credit: Instagram / @kaiagerber

And the award for the most hair colour changes during quarantine goes to… Kaia Gerber. It feels like it wasn’t even that long ago that the 18-year-old switched up her hair from long, swishy brunette strands to a chin-grazing bob. She then went from a warm shade of caramel blonde to platinum blonde and then to a Zoom bleach job just three days ago. Phew. Extensive.

Today, under the inimitable eye of British hair stylist Guido Palau on Zoom, Gerber coloured her hair pink, a hue that Palau describes as a “little soft and a little antique” – and a comment he makes from some sunny location that includes some bamboo furniture and a palm tree.


“In the span of quarantine, I’ve just done everything I wouldn’t have done with my hair,” admits the model. “I was just like, ‘OK I’m going to get highlights, I’m going to make it blonde and then I’m going to fully bleach it and then I’m going to get a mullet and now we’re pink.”

“When I cut my hair, I think it changed my life because I felt more like my own person…I’ve always loved people who just do whatever they want,” she added.

“They are always the really inspiring people,” says Palau.

Kaia Gerber pink hair
Credit: Instagram /@kaiagerber

Admitting the colouring process is “definitely not a one-man job”, hairdresser-to-herself Gerber capes up, gloves up and applies the pink dye – mixed by Toronto-based colourist Victoria Hunter – to the ends of her hair before it taking it midway with Palau guiding Gerber through the entire process. Once washed and revealed, the model looks a little shocked at her “new hair adventures”!

Kaia Gerber pink hair
Credit: Instagram / @kaiagerber

“All of those pictures you showed me of Kurt Cobain, it’s becoming that now, right?” says Palau.

“Slowly,” Gerber replies.“Honestly, the first time I had you cut my hair was because I wanted to look like Kurt Cobain. Every year I take another step to become him.”

Kurt Cobain pink hair
Kaia Gerber pink-haired muse, Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain. Credit: Pinterest.

Watch the entire conversation and transformation below.

Meet you here same time next week (when Gerber’s hair undoubtedly changes again)?