There’s no denying a dramatic haircut can be life-changing. Cutting all your hair off can be one of the most liberating and exhilarating things, changing up your entire look for both better or worse. In Kaia Gerber’s case, it was for the better. Over the weekend, the young model chopped off her signature Crawford-esque locks into a short but mighty bob that proves the power of a great haircut (and expert styling).

“The drama cut” as she put it, was executed by hair legend Guido Palau, cropped to the chin and then flipped over (a classic model-off-duty hair move), it sat with theatre above Gerber’s bare shoulders on Instagram.

Slightly sunnier in tone, the haircut is a clear breakaway moment for Gerber, who is forever the subject of mother-daughter comparisons to supermodel mum Cindy Crawford (in part, because of their similar hairstyles and colour). And what better way to tout a ‘new hair, new me’ moment than with a powder blue, puff-sleeved dress from Reformation and squarish frames straight out of the 90s.

Gerber joins a long list of A-listers who have opted for shorter haircuts in the past few weeks. Brie Larson and Mandy Moore joined the bob brigade trading their signature shoulder-length hair for jaw-grazing cuts, Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman opted for choppy, shoulder-skimming lobs while Kim Kardashian flirted with short hair once again cutting her super long hair into a short, sharp bob.

Perfectly chin-grazing and lofty at the ends, Gerber – along with the rest of Hollywood – proves the power of a great hair transformation and reaffirms the bob as the hairstyle of 2019. Haircut, anyone?

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