At 58, Julianne Moore’s beauty is more timeless than ever. The award-winning actress has long championed a beauty look that is not only different to the conformist beauty codes of Hollywood – blonde hair, tanned skin, puffed lips, ample filler and Botox – but also bucks them. She of the fiery red mane and milky skin has seemingly never conformed to such codes, forever staying true to her roots (literally). She’s paved the way for redheads in the industry; once a rarity in Hollywood, Moore became somewhat of a role model for the redhead, cheering on those with reddish locks to embrace their natural hair colour with modern red-hued mavens Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, Isla Fisher, Amy Adams and Christina Hendricks all embracing what their mama gave them.

She even wrote a book about it, Freckleface Strawberry, which portrayed a little girl with red hair and freckles learning to love herself – freckles and all.

Basically, she’s Hollywood’s moral compass, a heroine who bucks the normative beauty trends of her industry, and our latest beauty crush. Collaborating with hair heavyweight Serge Normant (Julia Roberts long-time hairstylist) and Hung Vanngo (the millennial makeup God) for a special project with Chopard, Moore’s 60s beauty look has left us enamoured.

Bringing the swing of the sixties back, Moore’s iconic auburn red mane was backcombed with brilliance, falling around her face in a sea of curls that would make Jean Shrimpton proud. Tied at the top with a delicate black ribbon, the sweet bow kept the bombshell bouffant just that little bit little flirty. While Vanngo channelled Brigitte Bardot or Estelle Bennett, painting a spectacular winged line in jet-black, her thick cat eyeliner riffing on the era of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Cheekbones were carved out with blush, lips were kept soft and pink, it was signature 60s beauty executed flawlessly on a true beauty icon.

Graphic eyeliner, opaque lips and bouffant hair has never looked so good. Age is just a number.