Credit: TV Land.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Four episodes in, season five of Younger has already proved tantalising. And for 41-year-old Liza – the quirky, intelligent and divorced heroine at the centre of one of the US’s most-talked about television series – pretending to be 27-years-old is starting to take its toll.

The end of episode one in season five saw Liza’s publisher and love interest, Charles, find out she had been lying about her age in order to work at his company. Recognising she was still an extremely valid employee at the publishing house’s imprint Millennial, he has kept Liza’s secret but romantically doesn’t want anything to do with her. This part in particular has affected viewers because as Sutton Foster (who plays Liza) has described, Charles and Liza just haven’t had their moment yet, we haven’t been able to explore that relationship.

In the most enthralling love triangle since Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, viewers are torn over who Liza should choose to be with. Josh, Liza’s 26-year-old ex-boyfriend, is also still very much in the picture since his marriage breakdown. Today episode five airs and it seems Liza has taken a chance on a charming journalist which also seems to be stalling the Charles versus Josh storyline.

Josh (played by Nico Tortorella) is the young, sweet, fiercely passionate tattoo artist who would do anything to be with Liza even if it meant he couldn’t have children with her. Charles (played by Peter Hermann) is the age-appropriate, super successful and charming book publisher who, like Liza, is divorced and has children. (He earns extra points as well – viewers who’ve read page 58 of Marriage Vacation, the book Charles ex-wife has published, will know what we’re talking about.) Both are strong contenders for her heart and since Younger has been picked up for a sixth season, chances are, we may not know who Liza’s happily ever after is with for a little while.

But in the interim, let’s put this to you: On a scale of Josh to Charles, where do you sit? Who should our loveable protagonist choose?

Younger streams exclusively to Australian viewers on Stan. New episodes drop every Wednesday, the same day as the U.S.