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Sometimes, eye care products can feel like a ponzi scheme. Do we really need a dedicated cream or serum for that tiny part of our face? Or is it just a farce to make us buy more and do more in the context of skin. According to celebrity aesthetician and Dior skincare expert Joanna Czech, we do (at least, if we want to brighten and change the look of the skin around our eyes). But even a step further than that, Czech believes in an eye-care routine (think serums, creams, even some gentle exfoliation). It comes down to the fact that the skin around our eyes is incredibly thin, doesn’t produce oil and thus creases easily. The advice comes at the right time, because Dior Beauty have just-launched their Super Potent Eye Serum. Part of the iconic Super Potent skincare line, it’s an innovative product that comes in a unique applicator, and contains ingredients to address the nine visible signs of ageing around the eye.

So in line with the launch, Czech (who counts Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian as clients) was kind enough to give us her expertise when it comes to dedicated eye care.

Read on for the exclusive interview.

GRAZIA: So Why do we need to treat the eye area differently to the rest of the face?

JOANNA: The skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin on the face and produces hardly any oil – it’s 0.5mm and very fragile. Because of this, the ageing process shows up faster. And now more than ever I’m paying more attention to the eye area because the rest of my face is covered by a mask!

GRAZIA: What can we do about eye-specific skin conditions, like dark circles, puffiness and dropping lids?

JOANNA: Unfortunately dark circles are usually genetic and cannot be removed completely, but you can diminish their appearance. Cold temperatures and lots of rest can temporarily reduce their appearance. After that, there’s concealer!

Droopy eyes are a natural part of the ageing process. I like to stimulate the brow muscle with deep tissue massage on daily basis for a few seconds to help lift the area. The results are definitely noticeable. As for puffiness, I like to use something cold to constrict blood flow. Try storing an eye serum in the fridge (like the new Dior Super Potent Eye Serum) and apply it to the lower lid. I also love ice cubes made out of dandelion tea underneath my eyes. It’s refreshing, cheap and will reduce fluid retention.

GRAZIA: What’s your go-to massage technique we can replicate at home? 

JOANNA: Use a circular motion around the eyes, making sure to squeeze and knead the brow muscle. My advice would be to get close to the eye area – don’t be afraid to really grip the muscles. Moving the blood around brings oxygen to the area, resulting in a brighter, more defined eye contour.

GRAZIA: What about milia? How can we prevent congestion around the eyes?

JOANNA: Use a super gentle exfoliant on the affected area once a week. And keep the eyes hydrated. Milia are common for people with dehydrated skin.

GRAZIA: Tell us about the new Dior Super Potent Eye Serum… What makes it unique? 

JOANNA: There are three factors that contribute to the uniqueness of this product: Biological, mechanical and thermal.

The ingredients themselves are incredible and really work to energise the skin cells. There’s Longoza, acetylated hyaluronic acid and rye extract to brighten, firm and hydrate. As for the mechanical aspect, the applicator itself is so unique and a delight to use. It rotates 360 degrees and has seven engraved waves that glide over the skin, working to de-puff and move fluid around.

The cooling temperature of the tool gives it a certain cryo benefit to it, and is great for de-puffing and brightening. Plus, it really wakes you up! I recommend keeping it in the fridge, and applying it in light, sweeping movements from the inner eye to outer eye. You can apply it to the lid and between the brows, as well.

GRAZIA: What’s the difference between an eye serum, cream and a balm? Do we need them all?

JOANNA: You may use all of the above if you wish… it really depends on your unique skin and your preferences. I don’t think three products on your eyes is necessary at one time though. Serums work to enhance the efficacy of the products that follow, so I would do eye serum followed by cream or balm. If your eyes aren’t overly dry and dehydrated, a serum on its own is a great choice as it’s light and won’t congest or irritate the delicate skin.


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