While the rest of Hollywood is getting around in oversized sweats and bike shorts, JLo is still a huge proponent of full glam. We’re talking the bounciest of blow dries, flawless skin, larger-than-life lashes – the works. Thanks to Hustlers, her 50th birthday party and a string of other appearances, we’ve been blessed of late with a rolodex of JLo glam moments, all of which have been documented on her Instagram. There’s been some real throw back references (think Maid In Manhattan), as well as tonnes of shimmer, bronzer and JLo favourite gloss. And considering we’re in the thick of party season, there couldn’t be a better time to take a leaf out of her very glamorous book. See her best recent looks from social below.

Ponytails and baby hairs that aren’t so far away from her Maid in Manhattan days.

Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan. Image credit: Getty Images

Also – the infamous JLo up-do. Another Maid In Manhattan staple that’s still a red carpet favourite for the singer and actor. Also on display is an incredible smoky eye, perfectly contoured skin and lip gloss that a 14-year version of us would spend our allowance on.

Big hair, big eyes, big lips and a big attitude. Perfectly JLo.

No words – just wow.