Another one bites the dust; Jesinta Franklin has joined the growing army of celebrities chopping and bleaching their hair.

Cropped, slicked and bleached-out blonde, the former beauty queen displayed the new ‘do at the Tiffany & Co. party in Sydney after a (long) day in the salon chair at Koda Cutters in Bondi. Documenting the entire process on her Instagram story, it was a lengthy affair; taking a much longer length and richer colour to the dark (or light) side. Considering Selena Gomez’s recent transformation took nine hours to complete, Jesinta’s change, of the same ilk, no doubt required a lot of patience and time in the salon swivel chair, and came courtesy of hairstylist, Diane Gorgievski.

For Franklin, it appears she’s not afraid of change when it comes to her locks. Having dabbled in many a style over her career, her most recent change – cutting a shaggy curtain fringe – was momentous enough, however this new step into light territory was huge. For the natural brunette who typically favours honey highlights and a shoulder-length cut, the platinum blonde bob, or rather lob, is a big step.

Franklin joins the burgeoning list of celebrities who have taken the platinum plunge. First there was Cara. Then Katy. Then Zoë. Then Karlie. Then Selena. Now on a local level, Franklin.

Is the platinum bob the new balayage? According to celebrity scene, we think yes.

Tile Image: Instagram, @jesintafranklin