Multi-talented performer, philanthropist and entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez has made history in many ways, but an accolade for being “older” might just come as a surprise.

In an inspired move, GUESS co-founder Paul Marciano picked Lopez to be the latest face of the brand, or Guess Girl, as the likes of fore-runners Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith and Alessandra Ambrosio have been known over the decades.

Not surprisingly, Lopez claims to be “thrilled and excited” to be working with the brand she’s reportedly loved since she was a teen. “It is a tremendous compliment to have been selected for GUESS’s Spring 2018 campaign,” she says.

“When I look back at early GUESS campaigns through the years, you see all of these beautiful models and iconic images that Paul has created.”

To sharp-eyed fans, signs of her GUESS connection will come as little surprise. The brand’s logo was emblazoned across Lopez’s chest in her last music video Amor, Amor, Amor. (In these heavily commercial times, no logo so clearly on-show is ever a coincidence.)

Lopez in Amor, Amor, Amor
Credit: YouTube

Of course, the brand love-fest is mutual. In an official statement, Marciano refers to her “a GUESS Girl dream… accomplished, iconic and sensual”. What’s more surprising though is further brand communication today pointing out that she is “making history” as the “oldest GUESS Girl” to be featured in a brand campaign.

There’s no question that at 48 years of age she’d celebrated more birthdays than the other young models the brand has employed in the past, including 21-year-old Hailey Baldwin who fronted last season’s campaign.

But surely recent headway made in anti-ageist, anti-sexist sentiment thanks to celebrity champions like Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon, along with the women’s movement, means we shouldn’t need to discuss Lopez’s age at all? Is a celebrity in her forties modelling a denim campaign really considered an anomaly?

Marciano was more diplomatic with his official press wording but still suggested this stat was one factor in her recruitment. “This campaign celebrates the notion that women get more beautiful and talented as they gain life experience. [Lopez’s] beauty and class shine through this campaign.”

Does this mean the brand will no longer use teen or twenty-something brand ambassadors? We suspect not, but at very least, the smokin’ hot J-Lo we see in this campaign has inspired us to ramp up our New Year workout resolutions. Go J-Lo!

Watch Jennifer Lopez in Amor, Amor, Amor here