She might not have made the final cut for this year’s Victoria’s Secret runway extravaganza, but Hailey Baldwin has slipped back into her ideal niche by fronting a special anniversary capsule collection for jeans giant GUESS.

Set in a gritty Californian denim manufacturing facility, the campaign lauds the brand’s 35th anniversary with a limited edition range called GUESS Originals, which dropped into select Australian stores and online this week. It stars quintessential Cali girl Baldwin, who joined the list of A-list GUESS Girl alumni including Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith and Alessandra Ambrosio earlier this year.

Hailey Baldwin for GUESS Originals Credit: Tatiana Gerusova

She appears alongside equally aesthetically blessed male model Stefano Sala in the campaign shot by international fashion snapper Tatiana Gerusova and directed by Paul Marciano, the brand’s co-founder and creative chief, who first met Baldwin at a chance meeting in a chiropractor’s surgery in Los Angeles. (As you do.)

Stefano Sala for GUESS Originals Credit: Tatiana Gerusova

“Hailey was the perfect choice because she represents a timeless and iconic beauty with a very modern twist,” he told GRAZIA of making the celeb-offspring-turned-legit model the new face of his brand. “[I] realised she had an absolutely beautiful and fresh, modern face. She has a great personality so we connected immediately and decided to work together.”

Baldwin for GUESS Originals Credit: Tatiana Gerusova

Marciano explains further. “The GUESS girl isn’t afraid to take risks and wants to be noticed when she walks into a room. She’s confident, sexy and wears clothing that enhances her sensuality. It’s important that the models I select possess an iconic, timeless look…

“They need to be able to transmit the classic sensuality which is the DNA of our brand.”

Sala for GUESS Originals Credit: Tatiana Gerusova

No question, Baldwin has confidence and sexy appeal on overdrive in these shots. White underpants with thigh high boots and nothing but a worn-looking denim jacket on top and big hair to balance the look? She owns it. Listen to both Baldwin and Sala explain what the GUESS brand and its aesthetic means to them in this one-minute behind the scenes video interview below.

watch both models behind-the-scenes >

Baldwin for GUESS Originals Credit: Tatiana Gerusova

Sala for GUESS Originals Credit: Tatiana Gerusova

Baldwin for GUESS Originals Credit: Tatiana Gerusova