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Jennifer Lopez has spent three decades as one of the most fascinating and relevant people in the entertainment industry—a feat that very few can lay claim to. How does she do it? A genius mix of innovation and consistency, which is the exact same way she treats her wardrobe. Yes, J.Lo is impartial to the occasional head-to-toe new-season designer look, but she also embraces classic wardrobe staples, which she wears repeatedly for years at a time. In the age of sustainability and ethical shopping habits, her approach to fashion is one we can get behind.

Take this morning, for example, when she stepped out in New York City. Lopez wore a black turtleneck jumper, leather trousers, chunky lace-up boots, and a camel coat—timeless from top to bottom. Not only that, but the coat was a camel hair creation by Max Mara, one of the most classic fashion items a woman can own. In fact, the Max Mara wrap coat is so ubiquitous that everyone from Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie to Meghan Markle and Nancy Pelosi owns one. Lopez owns so many that we’ve lost count, including cream, baby blue, and navy versions—and she’s been wearing this particular style for years.

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Lopez finished the outfit off with—what else?—an Hermès Birkin bag, easily the most timeless and coveted accessory on the planet. By our estimations, this is a 35cm style in black, which is perhaps the most waitlisted of all the Birkin styles (it’s famously difficult to get your hands on one of the limited-edition totes, even if you do have a spare $15,000 to dish out). Much like the Max Mara wrap coat, Birkins have long been a favorite of Lopez’s, and she owns upwards of seven styles. The specific iteration she carried today has been on rotation for the last few years.

So, what have we learned today? That we should all endeavor to shop a little more like J.Lo. Granted, we can’t all afford a multitude of Birkins, but we can make a daily commitment to investing in classic items we’ll wear and love for years. As the new year approaches, that seems as good a fashion resolution as any.