Jennifer Garner
Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

When Jennifer Garner was asked for her beauty advice in a recent interview, readers would have been surprised to learn that the actress isn’t relying on a specific facial massage (no matter how luxurious they may feel) or routine for her glowing skin. Instead, the 13 Going on 30 star offered some sage wisdom on ageing gracefully and, it starts without looking in the mirror.

“My beauty advice is always the same: Look in the mirror less, obsess less, and look at the rest of the world to see what you could be using your time for instead,” Garner told the publication. “We all look at our faces more than people used to, and it doesn’t do you any good. You obsess over changes or how to fix something on your face.”

The 50-year-old went on to reflect on how cosmetic procedures including botox and plastic surgery have become normalised in society, with men and women receiving treatment at an increasingly younger age. “My advice is to look at the mirror less and be cautious when it comes to injecting anything into your face,” she continued. “Be very, very incredibly judicious and wait as absolutely long as possible to add anything.”

The actress added, “Don’t think that you’re 37 and you need to be shooting up your face. You don’t need to wear so much makeup or have such a constant blowout.”

The obsession for the way we look could be put down to our obsession of social media and the knowledge that cameras, pocket-sized cameras, are nearly everywhere.

For 84-year-old Jane Fonda, she says that ageing can actually be quite an enjoyable experience. In a recent interview on Andy Cohen Livethe actress revealed that sex actually gets better with age, botox or not. “Women, I think tend to get better because they lose their fear of saying what they need,” Fonda said.