Celebrities having Instagram accounts has made gossip so much more prevalent, yet also we’re all out here reading into the most minuscule amount of information at all times. Today, it’s all about a photo shared by model Irina Shayk on holiday with, it seems, her ex Bradley Cooper.

The image we’re talking about was thrown into a photo dump Shayk posted this morning of a summery trip complete with swimming pigs, turquoise waters and three swimsuits (this being the biggest mood, in our opinion). Amidst videos of the pigs and sunset photos of Shayk looking incredible as always, there’s this interesting image, presented with no context:

irina shayk
Ummm, anything you guys want to tell us? Image: Instagram / irinashayk

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper were together for five years before splitting up in 2019. They share a daughter together, 5-year-old Lea, and since their break up Shayk has been linked to Kanye West, while Cooper is apparently dating Huma Abedin, a political staffer.

Still, both stars are notoriously private about their lives so there is always the chance they’re on holiday together because they’re back together. But it’s also definitely worth mentioning that since they split, things have been totally amicable and they’ve been spotted hanging out as friends multiple times, including a stroll in New York while holding hands.

Since their break up, Cooper and Shayk have remained on good terms. Image: Getty

“Irina and Bradley have been in a really great groove in regards to co-parenting for a while,” a source told Entertainment Tonight at the time. “They both love Lea so much and want to be the best parents possible. A lot of Irina and Bradley’s interactions and hangouts surround Lea and her schedule, but they also get together on their own.”

Maybe this is just a case of a really, really good break up? Either way, we want to be wherever they are.