She was cast as a Victoria’s Secret ‘Angel’ – the most elite level of swimsuit supermodel – at just 19 and is now gathering a fresh legion of fans for the candid YouTube Vlog that follows her travels, New York-based Dutch talent Romee Strijd is one of the international modelling world’s most in-demand talents.

But put her in a cute bikini and tourist tee with Australia’s laid-back Gold Coast beachscape in the background, all flowing salt-sprayed blonde hair and cheery smile, and she looks so much at home, she could have almost grown up there.

All the above is what makes her such a mesmerising campaign fit for Australia’s largest swimwear brand, which cast the 23-year-old as the face of its SEAFOLLY Summer 2018 campaign (see the images and video below). The move sees her join other A-list Seafolly campaign alumni like Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr and Shanina Shaik.

GRAZIA spoke to the statuesque blonde (she measures in at 5’11) after her recent visit to our shores for our interview below. But first, see Strijd in the official Seafolly Summer 2018 campaign clip.


You train with Kirk Meyers at famously all-black New York gym The Dogpound. (Ed’s note: interior designed by magazine legend Fabian Baron, it’s known as the go-to for supermodels pre-Victoria’s Secret show) Which workout do you love most while training there? I actually like full body workouts. Doing bodyweight exercises like lunges, squats, planks. I like strength building as well.

What’s your body regime like when you’re preparing for a Victoria Secret Runway show and how does that compare to prep for a swimsuit shoot like this Seafolly campaign? I like to stay healthy and physically and mentally balanced all year long. But of course, at the moment of a VS show or a big bikini shoot, I like to look my best by watching my food a little bit more carefully, choosing the healthy options and waiting to have my cheat meals after the show is finished.

Romee Strijd for Seafolly Summer 2019

“I’m also always fitting in an extra workout where I can and making sure I don’t lose sleep.”

Romee Strijd for Seafolly Summer 2019

What’s your go-to packing list for an island holiday? Are you a one-piece or bikini girl? I always pack sunscreen, lip balm, hairbrush, scrunchies and lots of different bikinis. I’m more of a bikini girl.

You’ve launched your own YouTube channel about your life and travels. (Editor’s note: GRAZIA especially loves her Bermuda video!) What do you love most about vlogging? YouTube is a great platform to connect more with your following by showing more of the behind the scenes on-goings of being a model. The travelling, workouts, what I eat, what I am doing and so on. I just like to give people some insights there – I don’t really have a ‘part’ of myself I want my followers to see.

Romee Strijd for Seafolly Summer 2019

Living in the spotlight and on social media can inspire so many of your followers, but it inevitably attracts critics too. What do you do to take care of yourself mentally and emotionally when you experience the difficult side of social media? I take care of myself by choosing what and whose opinions to place value in my life.

You’ve said in the past that you have an obsession with avocado on toast. What’s the allure of this cult Aussie breakfast? I love avocado toast! I don’t know what the allure is. It is just so yummy.

“You guys came up with it I believe, so I should ask you!”