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The phrase Do It Yourself has developed a whole new level of meaning this year, especially when it comes to beauty. The pandemic and forced business shutdowns meant professional services were temporarily unavailable. And while there’s often no substitute for the real deal, it has made us realise that at-home options have come leaps and bounds in recent years. Boxed hair colour and self tanner might be the first to spring to mind, but data shows that even our teeth have been subjected to improvement, all without having to leave the couch.

One business leading the charge is SmileDirectClub, an innovative “teledentistry” start up that reached unicorn status (that is a privately held company valued at $1 billion dollars or more) at the tail end of 2018. The concept was simple: an easier, cheaper alternative to traditional orthodontics that didn’t require an endless stream of in-clinic appointments. The answer was clear aligners that could be fitted via an impression kit that comes in the post. If approved, the aligners are shipped back and a dentist will monitor progress virtually, ensuring desired results are achieved. The time frame (from start to finish) is about six to ten months, and they cost about 60 per cent less than traditional braces. In a word, it’s genius.

According to data gathered by SmileDirectClub, almost a quarter of Australians said they would feel more self-confident if they had great teeth, proving lockdown as the perfect opportunity to try an at-home option like SmileDirectClub. While it’s not suited to all cases, there’s quite literally nothing to loose, especially given the fact we might be (sadly) spending even more time indoors.

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