Lace up. Get Moving. Let’s Fly. These aspirational terms are so front-of-mind when the alarm sounds on a crispy cold winter’s morning. And yet, in seconds, they can be completely done away with in lieu of a single finger on the luring snooze button. So how do you stay motivated to remove yourself from flannelette sheets and hit the streets for a pre-work run? The first step, it seems, is looking and feeling the part – and in a crowded athlesuire space that demands performance meet style, Nike is constantly reinventing its classic products to motivate you to work out. The brand’s latest addition is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35. It’s revamped technology is dictated by the feedback from hundreds of elite runners across the world. Nike Run Coach Lydia O’Donnell takes you through what you need to make running – even in colder weather – a habit.

GRAZIA: The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 has undergone a technology shift. What is it about the way we train/run these days compared to three decades ago, that made a change necessary?

O’DONNELL: “Nowadays runners want to spend less time on the ground and more time flying through the streets, over the trails, and across the finish line. With this insight, Nike developed the full-length Zoom Airbag in the midsole, which provides responsive cushioning, helping a runner’s overall transition and gives maximum flexibility. As a runner, I am always seeking a running shoe that gives me a little extra pop as I run. In the new Pegasus 35, that feeling has improved and hopefully my running will too!”

How does a shoe like the Pegasus 35 aid when running? 

The Pegasus is an iconic, staple running shoe suited for the every day runner. It’s highly responsive and is great for all types of running – short, long, for training or for race day.The fit provides a supportive lockdown sensation, with the rounded heel allowing for quicker and smoother transitions. The Pegasus 35 is actually tuned specifically for women with the women’s silhouette featuring softer cushion foam to cater for our feet. The softer feeling foam delivers not only responsiveness but also durability. What’s more, there are some really beautiful new colour ways this season like the Elemental Rose and Bright Crimson, to add a bit of heat to a winter’s run!”

what are your top three tips for running in winter? 

“Running in the winter can be made so much easier through a few simple steps.

  1. Make sure you have sufficient clothing to keep warm in the winter temperatures. Get yourself a long sleeve running top or lightweight running jacket, which will keep you warm and is lightweight enough to carry or tie around your waist when you’ve warmed up.
  1. Make sure you continue to fuel your body the right way. Even through winter our bodies shouldn’t be deprived of nutritious and healthy food, especially as a runner. Be sure to have a balanced diet of proteins and carbs, and eat plenty of fruit and veg with high Vitamin C to keep the bugs away. Before a long run, fuel up with a high carb meal with natural sugars such as honey on toast with a banana.
  1. For your personal coach in your pocket, download the Nike + Run Club app (N+RC app). It will give you guidance and training tips to get through the winter months, and help you to stay motivated by tracking runs and helping you set goals. The Audio Guided Runs (AGRs), which have been newly introduced on the app, are a lifesaver when it comes to finding motivation in winter. They are put together by Nike coaches and athletes, and guide you through a variety of runs. There’s an awesome mindfulness run in there by Headspace too, which helps you to take care of your body and also your mind as well.
Nike Run Coach Lydia O’Donnell

What’s your number one tip for staying motivated to go for a run in the winter?

“Set a goal. Without intention to achieve a goal, it is so hard to stay motivated when it’s cold and miserable outside. You could set a daily goal to clock a certain amount of kilometres a day, a weekly goal to train a certain amount of days in a week, or a long-term goal to race a 5km, 10km, marathon in spring or summer. These goals will help you push through the obstacles of winter, such as cold temperatures or daily down pours.”

tell me about another great nike running shoe, the Reacts.

“I use my Reacts for a lot of my longer runs, as the plush cushioning alleviates the pounding from the pavement when running 20km-30km at a time. I love the cushioning in the Reacts, the softness of the mid-sole has maintained after hundreds of kilometres. Whereas my Pegasus are now used for a lot of my shorter and faster runs. The full-length Zoom Air bag gives such an amazing responsive feeling off the road and they feel great when doing tempo or interval training. I even wear them for my shorter runs and weekly strides (slow sprint sessions). Both shoes are built for a different purpose and I love both equally!”

Nike Reacts