Art: Kimberlee Kessler

There’s an otherworldly quality to this week. As we drift in the liminal space between two eclipses and Mercury retrograde, it’s a time to lay back and let yourself lull rather than forcing a resolution. That’s not to say nothing is going on – there is a lot happening – but it’s very much a ‘to be continued’ rather than a *end titles* kind of vibe.

Of course floating doesn’t mean no fun at all. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling mighty parched mid-week. Venus and Neptune are in cahoots, daring you to let loose faster than you can say “is it cheaper if we just get a bottle?” on Wednesday and Thursday (AEST and GMT). All good fun, and thankfully there’s a pretty wild eclipse the next day (Saturday AEST, Friday GMT) to take the blame for any sore heads or unexpected outbursts.

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Attention please! There’s a light bulb moment coming your way – possibly salary and savings related Monday/Tuesday. It’s just the ticket to put a spring in your step, and should form a good foundation once the eclipse coincides with grand finales next weekend. Follow the breadcrumbs and look forward to some long overdue closure.


Focus and motivation kicks up a gear from Monday (TF!) when everything is illuminated. With Pluto amplifying the mood, for some Taureans it could present in coincide with an undeniable realisation. It’s a story that continues into next weekend when the eclipse wraps up a six-month storyline connected to intimacy and your closest confidantes. Trust that the end of another chapter leads to the beginning of another.


Is everything as it appears to be? That, my Gemini friends, is the question facing you this week. No sooner have you started thinkING a little more clearly than a gust of (possibly blind) idealism sweeps you off your feet (Wednesday and Thursday). It’s lovely weather for checking out and getting lost in creativity but not so hot for making well-thought out decisions. If you can, sit tight, at least until the weekend.


Cancerians rejoice! The start of the week promises a breakthrough with a friend or workmate who’s been giving you the run around. It’s cause for celebration, and celebrate you will when Venus and Neptune set the mood for an unseasonably big night on Wednesday/Thursday. By the weekend, you’ll be ready to cut the cord on a hook-up or habit that’s been making you feel powerless.


Drama, drama, drama! This week has it all – romance, intrigue, explosive endings and the beginning of something new. As an ongoing issue, especially to do with family or where you’re living, comes to a head there’s a sense that now is the time to let go and move on. It’s nothing if not eventful and chances are something that’s been a long time coming.


There’s no shortage of excitement around you, but the highpoint of this week comes Wednesday/Thursday. Venus and Neptune grease the wheels for an intriguing encounter – possibly with someone you work with. It’s enough to make you feel giddy but keep in mind when things seem too good to be true, they most often are.


Reiki, kinesiology, floatation tanks – maybe all of the above? Whatever your wellness prescription of choice might be, make sure you carve out time for a generous helping in the middle of the week. With your ruling planet pinging Neptune, it would be a missed opporrutnity not to do something to sooth your nervous system and escape the intensity of the wider world right now.


The Really Big Upgrades continue this week as the energy builds towards a dramatic eclipse in your home sign. As a major storyline reaches a dramatic conclusion, trust in the opportunities, relationships and information that appear (or dissipate) by this time next week. Like a snake shedding its skin, you’re in the midst of a huge cycle of rebirth (that’s almost complete!). Trust the process and don’t be afraid to let go. You can’t up-level without making some space.


Let yourself get swept away when Venus and Neptune turn up the romance mid-week. Slip into some completely impractical lingerie, spend that git voucher you’ve been saving or light a fresh Diptyque candle and run yourself a bath for the ages. With eclipse season stirring draining you of your usual Jupiterian energy, an escape – even if it’s just for a night or two – will do your soul good.


As one of the zodiac’s most loyal signs, sticking by people – even when they don’t deserve it – is one of your superpowers, and greatest sources of heartache. This week energy builds towards a dramatic departure, either directly or within your social sphere. It’s been on the cards awhile but that won’t make it any less tender. Remember your friendship is a privilege, not a right.


The outline of a solution to that thing that’s been eluding you begins to take shape in the week. It’s a breakthrough moment where an issue that’s felt too hard/slow/ambiguous finally starts to come together. Keep it close to your heart as you head into the eclipse next weekend and take comfort in the fact that the ending of one thing will be the beginning of another.


As a mirage appears on the horizon mid-week, the temptation to get carried away in the romance of it all will be hard to resist. It’s beautiful and shiny but like a bubble, it’s bound to pop. Enjoy the whimsy, use it for all the creative inspiration possible, but don’t start basing life decisions around one fragile moment.