harry styles and olivia wilde
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Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s romance was one none of us saw coming, especially after the recent reassuring reports that just like you and me, the British musician’s pandemic love life is non-existent. Of course, that rumour seemed far too good to be true, which was proven when Styles was spotted holding hands with the director of the upcoming movie he stars in, Don’t Worry Darling. 

In the first photos of the pair together, Styles and Wilde looked ridiculously dapper wearing his and hers bespoke Gucci outfits and matching The Vampire’s Wife face masks – but of course! – while attending Styles’ agent’s wedding in Santa Barbara. While both the couple’s coordinated outfits and the wedding date plus one point to this being a whirlwind, but serious romance, you can still bet your bottom dollar that we, the public, will lap up any and all information surrounding this unlikely, incredibly hot, talented couple. 

Thankfully, Styles and Wilde don’t seem too bothered by the world knowing about their union and just stepped out again – yes, looking ridiculously stylish – in Santa Barbara. While Styles wore trackpants, a brown hoodie and a pink beanie, Wilde wore an argyle-patterned jumper, brown pants and white Converse. The muso put his arm around Wilde as they walked with friends, who The Daily Mail notes seem to be from the same wedding party, and go for a drive in Styles’ vintage Mercedes. You can see all the photos here

Though in the past Styles has dated a plethora of famous women, including Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift and Sara Sampaio, this is the first time he’s been publicly linked to anyone since his split with French-American model Camille Rowe, who his new album Fine Line is widely rumoured to be about. It also pays to note that with Rowe, Styles was incredibly private and there’s only one paparazzi photo of them together on the internet. 

For her part, Wilde announced her split from fiancé of seven years, Jason Sudekis—with whom she shares two children, son Otis and daughter Daisy—in November, though reports suggest their relationship had actually ended earlier in 2020.

Also, for what it’s worth, a source told The Sun that things are “very serious” between the musician and director.

“Harry and Olivia’s relationship was an open secret on the set in Palm Springs,” a source told the publication, adding Styles reportedly met Wilde’s kids while on set for the film.

“They were professional on set, but everyone knew something was going on. Harry even met her two children several times when they came to the set to visit.”

Well, if it’s not me, it may as well be Olivia Wilde.