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Diamonds, they say, are forever.

From Hailey Bieber’s V-ring set to Meghan Markle’s simple Welsh gold band, a wedding ring can say so much about not only the wearer, but the love story it ultimately represents.

And if you’re Mrs Bieber, why stop at one? The model, for instance, marked her marriage to Justin Bieber in 2019 with a set of two wedding rings. The first: a gold, diamond-encrusted band. The second has a pointed, V-like shape, with each worn around her $US500,000-plus ($AUD694,000) oval-cut engagement ring.

With Spring/Summer nuptials on the horizon (lockdowns pending), luxury fine jeweller Hardy Brothers has unveiled its new season collection, spanning engagement, wedding and bridal pieces made of the finest diamonds and precious gems.

Hardy Bros
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For the confident, modern bride is the “Raffiné” range (named after the French word for “refined”), which takes inspiration from the spiritual concept of a halo throughout history and its symbolic meaning of light. Each design features hidden halos – which include an oval-cut engagement ring and a round, brilliant-cut sparkler – providing security and longevity to the pieces.

In its “Trilogies” range, Hardy Brothers was inspired by the blooming Australian landscape in spring, when love is quite literally in the air. Each flora-inspired ring – from timeless emerald cut and trapezoid cut diamonds, to a ring using a 4.62 carat Australian yellow sapphire and diamonds – represents the trilogy of time in a relationship. Past to present and, of course, the future.

Founded in 1853, Hardy Brothers is one of Australia’s most celebrated and distinguished jewellery brands, drawing on a long-held commitment to quality and craftsmanship. For the uninitiated, the Jewellers have been distinguished by the Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, having served all sovereigns since George V in the early 1900s.

Hardy Brothers’ Spring/Summer 2021 wedding collection is available in-store and online now. Shop the GRAZIA teams favourites below. Hardy BrosHardy Brothers Raffine 2.00ct Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring, $57,990 SHOP NOW


Hardy Bros.
Hardy Brothers Raffine 1.50ct Oval Cut Engagement Ring, $34,990 SHOP NOW

Hardy brothers
Hardy Brothers Quintessental Engagement 2.00ct Oval Cut Engagement Ring, $44,990 SHOP NOW

Hardy Brothers
Hardy Brothers 2.00ct Emerald and Trapezoid Diamond Trilogy, $59,900 SHOP NOW

Hardy Brother
Hardy Brothers 2.00ct Round Brilliant and Baguette Diamond Trilogy, $69,900 SHOP NOW

Hardy Brothers
Hardy Brothers 2.00ct Oval and Half-moon Diamond Trilogy, $59,900 SHOP NOW

Hardy Brothers
Hardy Brothers 4.99ct Australian Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Trilogy, $19,900 SHOP NOW

Hardy Brothers
Hardy Brothers 5.42ct Emerald and Diamond Trilogy Ring, $39,900 SHOP NOW