It may seem like there’s a day for just about everything these days, and quite frankly, there is. But one day we (and all other beauty buffs) hold near and dear to our hearts is National Brow Day – a day devoted to the one feature which truly can define a face, our eyebrows.

And instead of any clichéd cake or ballon situation, we felt it necessary to celebrate the golden (and auburn, and ashy) arches the best way we know how – with a good ol’ brow how-to to get you from A to Brow on the daily.

On this particularly holy day, we reached out to the brow Gods, and local Arch-bishop (who oversees the Benefit Cosmetics Arch-diocese), Hannah Mutze answered our prayers.

Here, Hannah’s go-to guide on brows, to keep you perfectly full and fluffy from Monday to Sunday (and even ruffle some feathers come Friday night). Amen, to that.

The everyday brow
Cool, calm, collected – this your everyday kinda gal. But don’t let that take away from her importance, she may be a softie, but she’s a star.
– spot the look by her softy defined edges, natural looking definition, and life-like textured finish!
– create the look by layering a brow fibre gel like Gimme Brow + on top of a soft-focus brow powder. The powder ensures a muted, well blended brow whilst the brow gel builds fullness and volume by binding micro fibres to your brow hairs!
– take her from beach to bar with a couple simple tricks! Line your brow bone with a matte brow highlight, just underneath the arch. Blend well, and watch that brow come to life, again.

The Friday night feathered brow

Fluffed-up and feathery, she has insouciance in spades and doesn’t really care (but actually really does). Only the cool cats need apply.
– spot this brow by her feathery, fluffy and textured style.
– create the look by creating hair-like strokes through the brow with a micro fine brow pencil like Precisely, My Brow Pencil. Finish with a healthy slick of clear brow gel, brush hairs UP to keep the feathered finish in place.
– Consider this brow the Olsen sister of the beauty world. Effortlessly cool, this brow screams street-appeal.

The weekend ‘done’ brow

She’s the Rosé-sipper, the long-luncher, the stiletto-into-a-sundress on a Sunday; who favours a contour not only on her cheek, but her arches, too.
– Spot this brow by her clean, precise lines and accentuated arch! Some people love it, some people hate it, but when she’s good, she’s really good!
– Create this look by Ensuring a gradient, ombré like colour effect when recreating this brow – use a lighter shade in the front and a deeper shade through to perfect that tapered tail! Defining and highlighting the contoured brow is a MUST! Use a defining brow pencil or concealer to trace the edges of the brow and blend for precise perfection. Finish with matte highlight on the brow bone, for added lift!
– Some people love her, some people hate her, but when she’s good, she’s really good!

TIle and Cover Image: Daniel Nadel