There seems to be more celebrities without beauty brands than with them these days, but Hailey Bieber’s upcoming Rhode Beauty hits slightly different. For starters, the model and influencer has always been vocal — and savvy — when it comes to skincare. She uses prescription retinoids, see’s famed Los Angeles aesthetician Biba de Sousa, is a fan of Augustinus Bader and swears by Holifrog cleansers. Any beauty buff will tell you she’s ‘in the know’, and the few products she does share on social media are those held in high regard.

That’s why when the trademark for Rhode Beauty was leaked (after the initial Bieber Beauty file was rejected), the internet went into overdrive. Sure, it’s another celebrity beauty brand, but Hailey — with her sound knowledge and immaculate complexion — might just be the one we’d actually spend our money on.

So when is Rhode launching? The details have been quite minimal thus far, but Hailey shared in a YouTube Q&A this morning that the three year project is finally set to launch in 2022. We don’t know what exactly will be involved, but if we had to take a guess, we’d say it will be skincare-focused… maybe some makeup further down the track? According to the trademark itself via TMZ, we could also expect to see “wellness merch, bath and shower products, beauty creams, personal cleaning products, cosmetics, makeup, fragrances, haircare, and skincare.”

Whatever she chooses to do, we’re expecting it to be geared towards sensitive skin such as her own. And given her power and influencer, she’s no doubt got a team of beauty industry veterans working on it behind the scenes.

For now, we’ll wait patiently until 2022 (and pray it launches in Australia).


Watch the video in full here