Credit: Instagram/@haileybieber

We’re smack-bang in the middle of party season, albeit a COVID-safe, socially distanced one. Long nights spent celebrating might have resulted in your tired skin staging a protest by way of a breakout (or four). Or perhaps pimples are a regular occurrence for you, but the end of year festivities aren’t exactly helping the healing process.

Either way, you can take comfort in knowing that even Hailey Bieber struggles with the odd breakout, as evidenced by the model’s recent Instagram Story. It depicted Bieber sporting her usual relentlessly glowy visage, but with a few little additions – star-shaped acne treatment patches.

Credit: Instagram/@haileybieber

The little yellow stickers belong to Starface’s Hydro-Stars pack – a hydrocolloid pimple patch that protects blemishes from external bacteria and can speed up the spot’s recovery time. Hydrocolloid is a proven wonder ingredient for regular, run-of-the-mill pimples, soothing and calming the angry red spot while preventing your errant hands from touching or picking at it, and therefore making it further inflamed.

Plus, they’re also mess-free and look super cute on the skin. Starface are proudly part of the pimple positivity movement, which rejects the idea that blemishes should be something we’re ashamed of. Brands are finally starting to recognise that spots are an unavoidable aspect of life and thus correcting their marketing rhetoric accordingly – and we love to see it.


It should be noted that more severe, persistent acne won’t find pimple patches to be a huge help (especially considering how few there are to a pack). But if you’re just looking to minimise a spot on your otherwise relatively clear complexion, these might just do the trick.

Ready to bust it like Bieber? Unfortunately her brand of choice, Star-Face, isn’t available in Australia just yet (unless you’re up for an eBay price gouge), but according to founder Julie Schott they’re set to arrive soon. Until that blessed day, shop our favourite pimple patches below.

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