Although we’re curious as to what Hailey Bieber actually does for “work” (aside from pose from time to time), we’re even more curious as to what is inside that very important looking folder she was seen clutching on a recent outing in LA. Confidential documents aside, the business-y look that accompanied her files has also captured our attention.

Putting a modern, ’90s spin on 9-to-5 dressing, Hailey Bieber added a dash of sex to traditional office wear, wearing a pair of shiny latex-like pants instead of tailored slacks, and chunky zipped combat boots rather than pilgrim pumps. But up top, her look a little more corporate conservative; a simple black turtleneck and caramel coat by Alexander Wang, which bar his bold name stamp was all kinds of classic.

Accessories were seemingly straight from the ’90s; angular black sunglasses, a Saint Laurent croc bag and her favourite, ride-or-die Jennifer Fisher gold hoops.

Forever pushing fashion boundaries (remember when she attempted a crop top, cut-outs and a thong heel all at once?), the sometimes-model and wife of Justin Bieber sure knows how to elevate the ol’ workwear look. As for what’s inside that folder…no intel as yet. But if the Starbucks in her hand and sobriety on her face is anything to go by, maybe she’s Anna Wintour’s new intern?