gwyneth paltrow
US actress Gwyneth Paltrow enters the courtroom after lunch break, on March 23, 2023, in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Jeff Swinger / POOL / AFP) (Photo by JEFF SWINGER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

As Gwyneth Paltrow and Terry Sanderson’s court case continues — in case you missed it, Paltrow is being sued by Sanderson for allegedly colliding into her at force on a ski slope in Utah in 2016 and Paltrow is countersuing for $1, saying it was Sanderson who crashed into her — the memeable moments are enough for Lifetime to make a bad movie out of.

From Paltrow complimenting Sanderson’s lawyer on her shoes, to Taylor Swift concerts making a cameo, to Mountain Valley water’s best marketing moment to date, the internet is positively lapping it up. Who should play Gwyneth Paltrow in such adaptation? Nicole Kidman, of course.

Jokes aside, the fashion section of the internet has been obsessed with the courtroom looks coming courtesy of Paltrow, showcasing stealth wealth — or quiet luxury in its purest form.

The phrase first took hold when the recent runways shied away from the maximalism of seasons’ past and instead focused on well-made staples. Pieces with no branding or obvious designer elements, taking IYKYK fashion to its heights: to everyone else, it looks like any old cashmere sweater, but to those who know, it’s The Row — or Gabriela Hearst, or Phoebe Philo-era Celine, which is timely given the designer is about to debut her namesake label in a few months.

gwyneth paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow enters the courtroom for her trial, Friday, March 24, 2023, in Park City, Utah, where she is accused in a lawsuit of crashing into a skier during a 2016 family ski vacation, leaving him with brain damage and four broken ribs. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, Pool)
gwyneth paltrow
PARK CITY, UTAH – MARCH 21: Gwyneth Paltrow is seen leaving court on March 21, 2023 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

Succession‘s fourth season was full of the trend, too, showing that those who are rich — like, really rich — often don’t really look it. They have no need to wealth signal with flashy Birkens or Chanel bags, or, in Greg’s date’s case, a ludicrously capacious Burberry handbag. Instead, they opt to fly under the radar, choosing expensive pieces that only those with equally expensive taste would be able to identify.

Paltrow, of course, has been dressing this way long before the runways signalled a trend was incoming — something demonstrated with her courtroom ‘fits, made up of a suit by Gabriela Hearst, a cashmere Prada jumper with a matching navy midi skirt and Prada boots, a cream turtleneck by The Row, and pieces by her own G. Label brand, all of which she likely wears most days to the Malibu farmer’s market.

gwyneth paltrow
PARK CITY, UTAH – MARCH 28: Actress Gwyneth Paltrow enters the court during her civil trial over a collision with another skier at the Park City District Courthouse on March 28, 2023, in Park City, Utah. Retired optometrist Terry Sanderson is suing Paltrow for $300,000, claiming she recklessly crashed into him during a run at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah in 2016. Paltrow has countersued, claiming Sanderson was uphill of her and crashed into her back. (Photo by Jeffrey D. Allred-Pool/Getty Images)

Her best look? An Alisha V-Neck black cardigan over a crisp white button-up blouse and simple black maxi skirt with chunky Prada boots.

It’s hard to know who’s guilty or innocent in this he said, she said case, but when it comes to the fashion, Paltrow is very much coming out on top (followed closely by Sanderson’s lawyer, Kristen, and her four-inch heels).