Credit: The Mullane Bros. 


Fresh off his North American tour, Melbourne singer-songwriter, Ben Abraham has one of the most exciting voices in the country. Just ask stunning musician Wafia – Abraham co-wrote her track Heartburn. Referring to his current album Sirens, Rolling Stone perhaps said it best: “However syrupy this collection of emotive ballads becomes, [Abraham’s] breathy delivery retains an air of authenticity, albeit amid largely derivative lyrics addressing love and loss.” It’s the 12th single on the album, Songbird, though that isn’t necessarily a heart-tugging moment of his own but rather a friend who didn’t have the confidence to sing. The son of famous folk singers, Abraham’s father taught him a simple rule: If you can’t play it on one instrument, then it’s not a good song. Whether or not that rings true today, Abraham’s still deciding. For now though, he makes a pretty good case for a piano and a melody on the GRAZIA SOUNDS stage.


Performer: Ben Abraham
Artist management: Inertia Music
Production: GRAZIA Australia
Video: Young Blood Films
Audio Engineer: Karl Cashwell

Title Graphics: Dane Stojanovic
Title edit: E Michael Wolf
Title soundtrack: Musicbed/The Siege

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