COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – AUGUST 11: Guests seen outside Samsøe Samsøe on August 11, 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark. (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

Need a mood booster? Don’t we all. Why not treat yourself to some sartorial relief? Sure, it won’t solve all your problems by a mile. But in the GRAZIA office, we’re firm believers (enablers?) in the transformative power of pick-me-up purchases. Here’s everything we’re raving about and recommending to our friends right now.

“I don’t know about you but the contents of my beauty bag is completely different to what it was pre-pandemic. Somehow, between moving my life from New York to Sydney, I replaced the cheekbone illuminators with ingestibles – read: products that will achieve an on-the-go glow from the inside out – in a bid to look dewy while living a makeup-free life in the house. Simris Algae Omega-3 Capsules are actually cultivated from algae farms in the south of Sweden making them vegan, and while you could eat all the chia seeds and edamame, a consistent two-a-day of these soft gels claim to help achieve that glowy skin and fight off that 3pm work slump. Win, Win!” – Jessica Bailey, Editorial Director


Habitual Beauty Hydrating Sleep Mask, $95 SHOP NOW

“I’m using some serious prescription skincare at the moment, so alas my daily routine is pretty minimal and boring. But I do sneak in the occasional hydrating treat for my skin, as it feels so nice after having it pummelled by actives day in and day out. I’ve been subbing out my inoffensive, unexciting night cream for this new overnight mask once per week and I love how plump and juicy my skin is before my AM alarm. It’s packed full of probiotics and vitamins and feels super nourishing but my favourite part? It’s a lovely lilac colour. Yes I know that’s hardly the point, but sue me – I’m a sucker for an Instagram mask moment.” – Kate Lancaster, Contributing Beauty Editor


MAAT Henri The Suede, $119 SHOP NOW 

“After coming across MAAT at a fashion week event in May, I had immediately added the suede yoga mat to my cart. While it sat there for a number of months as I pondered on whether to make the purchase, lockdown loomed again and I succumbed to a little too much boredom and not enough exercise. In a bid to fuel my motivation for another round of at-home workouts, I pulled the credit card-shaped trigger. Forgive me for the cheesy remark but once you go MAAT you’ll never go back. The mats are created from a natural tree rubber base and recycled PET suede top. They are grippy so you won’t slip in the Downward Dog pose and can be machine washed. It also comes in number of aesthetically-pleasing prints.” – Rebekah Clark, Features Writer

Swarovski Collection I Millenia necklace, $599 SHOP NOW
“Whatever Giovanna Engelbert wears, I follow. In between pictures of giant paellas and pristine European beaches, the creative director of Swarovski has been spruiking her latest collection – Collection I – on her Instagram feed. This Millenia necklace makes several appearances both with a crisp white dress, and atop a lemon bikini (I think she’s extended it and is wearing four necklaces here), and while it’s not a style I usually gravitate toward, Engelbert has my marshmallow brain sold. Who doesn’t want to emerge from this insidious lockdown with chunky crystals? It’s a vibe I can get behind.” – Jessica Bailey, Editorial Director
Silvi Anti-Acne Pillow Case, $89 SHOP NOW
“As someone who has struggled with semi-severe hormonal acne for the last 4 years, I’ve become obsessive about changing my pillowcases. I always opt for a silk version (to keep fine lines at bay for as long as possible), but I still worry about the effect that the material might be having on my oh-so-cranky skin. I now use antibacterial towels but have only recently discovered Silvi, who make silk pillowcases that contain silver to fight acne-causing bacteria before it wreaks havoc on my vulnerable complexion. I’m yet to ascertain regarding results, but the brand offers a guarantee that you’ll see clearer skin within 30 days. I can confirm that my skin has felt less sensitive and the pillowcase is one of the comfiest I’ve tried. I’m excited to see more!” – Kate Lancaster, Contributing Beauty Editor
Furla SIRENA Hobo Mini Talco H, $619 SHOP NOW
“Italian luxury brand Furla has ushered in its new Fall/Winter 2021 collection. Amid all the fabulous leather goods and glamorous essentials, the sleek Sirena hobo bag stands out come the return of evening soirées. The 1960’s-inspired silhouettes features a double buckle closure in the shape of the Furla Arch logo with two-toned metal finishes. Available in three colours (our favourite being the stark white), it also boasts an adjustable shoulder strap making it perfect for day or night when we can dress up again. And we will certainly be ready.” – Rebekah Clark, Features Writer
Rebecca Vallance Ollie Coat, $1200 SHOP NOW
“I was lucky enough to be generously gifted this Rebecca Vallance coat; a tangible, soft wool reminder of those icy, pre-pandemic days in New York and Milan. I can see it now: stepping inside a little speakeasy, taking off this coat only for a little man to hang it up and take my wine order. Ah, such were the days! The classic herringbone check and gold-toned motif buttons make it a forever classic, something I will take on many planes, and across many cobbled-stoned pathways, when those international borders open.” – Jessica Bailey, Editorial Director