It would be an understatement to call the current season of The Bachelorette in the US “explosive”. What with all its sex in windmills and a stage 700 clinger by the name of Luke P. Even the franchise’s host Chris Harrison admitted he was smiling from ear-to-ear watching back the happenings of Bachelorette Hannah Brown and the three remaining men vying for her heart. Those scenes just wouldn’t make it to air on Australian television.

Eagle-eyed fans, however, would have noticed Gigi Hadid follow Bachelorette frontrunner Tyler Cameron on Instagram on Tuesday. Considering the 24-year-old supermodel only follows 1042 people, it was an interesting move – and it was Hadid who followed the contender first before he reciprocated. Cameron, 26, is a regular contractor by day and is signed with Next Model Management in Miami and Soul Artists model management in New York. Could it have been possible the duo met at an event? Or is Hadid just a fan like everybody else in America? Regardless, the entire country seemed to jump on the internet to talk through the Instagram follow.

“Now that Tyler C. and Gigi Hadid are basically dating, can Connor S. please be the next bachelor?” one fan tweeted. “Tyler C and Gigi Hadid are following each other…..HE BETTER,” another commenter posted.

Us? We were busy day-dreaming Hadid and Cameron’s US Vogue shoot. It wouldn’t probably look similar to this. Zayn who?

Gigi Hadid and ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik’s shoot for US Vogue in 2017.

Brown’s final choice hasn’t been revealed – the finale will air in the States this week – but could Hadid and Cameron following each other mean he doesn’t actually win? Hey, it worked for Sarah Hyland.

The Modern Family star began dating a former Bachelorette contestant Wells Adams in 2017. The pair are engaged to be married after Adams proposed last week. Below, see a recent clip from the rose ceremony where Luke P – who was kicked off the show by Brown – returns to “share his heart”. Cameron is the tallest contestant who threatens Luke P.