Welcome to Take Note – a rolodex of all the best in skin, wellness, and makeup from industry insiders, where we profile one woman who’s privvy to beauty, covering everything from recommendations to routines. In today’s instalment we sit down with Gabriella Brooks, an Aussie model who is currently based in Byron Bay with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Yes, Brooks is truly living out our collective fantasies, but curb your envy because she’s every bit as down-to-earth as her Instagram presence would suggest (sorry).

As an international model, Brooks has spent a significant part of her career in the makeup chair having her face painted by some of the most skilled experts in the industry. She’s also recently fronted the latest campaign for local brand Minenssey, so you can bet she knows her stuff when it comes to skincare too. Read on as we chat about her approach to wellness, the trick she uses to wake up a tired complexion and how she winds down after busy days.

Credit: Instagram/@gabriella_brooks

GRAZIA: Talk us through your morning skincare routine.

Gabriella: I like to keep things pretty simple. I always cleanse my face, at the moment I’m loving using the Minenssey Hydrating Cleansing Soufflé . Then I will moisturise and apply a sunscreen like La Roche Posay SPF50+ or a tinted moisturiser.

GRAZIA: What does your evening skincare routine look like? 

Gabriella: Cleanse my face, moisturise or face mask, and eye cream.

GRAZIA: Skincare cheap thrill? 

Gabriella: QV body moisturiser.

GRAZIA: Favourite skincare splurge? 

Gabriella: A monthly facial and an infrared sauna. 

GRAZIA: Do you have any go-to beauty tricks? 


GRAZIA: How do you treat a blemish, fast? 

Gabriella: Don’t touch it!

GRAZIA: Best trick to wake up tired skin? 

Gabriella: Ice your skin to de-puff.

GRAZIA: How do you prep your skin before a big shoot? 

Gabriella: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Credit: Supplied

GRAZIA: Best tip you’ve picked up on set from a makeup artist? 

Gabriella: Exercising before a shoot or event gives you a beautiful natural glow that helps your makeup look even better. Also, a tint you can use on your lips and then cheeks goes a long way! 

GRAZIA: Do you have a beauty muse? 

Gabriella: Kate Moss, of course!

GRAZIA: Holy grail foundation? 

Gabriella: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream – it’s pretty lightweight on my skin and has SPF50 in it too.

GRAZIA: How do you shape and fill those amazing brows? 

Gabriella: Thank you! I just brush them up. If I need them to stay in place, I’ll brush through some Pears soap, which really holds them in place.

GRAZIA: What is one makeup trend you’ll never try?

Gabriella: Contouring.

GRAZIA: Favourite multi-purpose makeup product for touch-ups?

Gabriella: Lip and cheek tint! That little pop of colour brings my face back to life.

GRAZIA: Living in a coastal spot like Byron Bay, do you have any products that you reach for to quickly go from beach to bar?

Gabriella: Benefit Benetint for my cheeks, YSL Beauty lipstick, and my eyebrow brush. 

GRAZIA: Signature scent? 

Gabriella: I change it up quite often but right now it’s Chanel No. 5

GRAZIA: Favourite hair mask? 

Gabriella: Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair


GRAZIA: What’s your philosophy when it comes to wellness?  

Gabriella: Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.

GRAZIA: What does your exercise routine look like? 

Gabriella: I love calisthenics and reformer pilates.  

GRAZIA: Average day on a plate? 

Gabriella: Today I had a mango and passionfruit smoothie for breakfast, olive pasta for lunch, and tacos for dinner.

GRAZIA: How do you wind your mind down after a busy day? 

Gabriella: Reading in the bath is my perfect end of day. I’ve been reading a lot! I’m reading Maggie Nelson’s ‘Bluets’ right now and loving it.

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