Credit: Instagram/@fermiolab

Feel like your health needs a little helping hand ahead of the new season? Whether you’re going into summer or winter, sometimes our bodies feel a little out of balance and need a kickstart towards better habits. And as science has revealed in recent years, the catalyst for how you’re feeling in your body is often linked to your gut.

Enter FERMIO, the new Australian wellness company that trades in nutritional fermentation biotechnology. The brand’s hero product, a science-backed Nutritional Cleanse, harnesses the nourishing power of triple-fermented whole foods to realign your digestion.

Think of it like taking a convenient shot of everything your body needs to function and feel its best. According to the brand, which is informed by a team of scientists, FERMIO’s Nutritional Cleanse was inspired by the concept of ‘eating the rainbow’ of gut-loving foods each day.

Recognising that our modern lifestyles aren’t always conducive to significant health commitments, the brand set out to provide everything the body requires in a simple, everyday supplement. It also negates the need for cutting out those expert-maligned diet habits that we can’t seem to quit – such as caffeine or alcohol – because the Nutritional Cleanse formula primes and better arms the gut for such inevitable occurrences.

While there’s been a lot of buzz about the microbiome lately, many of us remain clueless as to what it actually means for our bodies. FERMIO believes it’s all about building digestive resilience to enable our cells and organs to perform at their best.

Just one shot of the Nutritional Cleanse is said to improve comfort in your stomach, eliminate any build-up of digestive waste, restore bowel regularity, supports better gut health and immunity, and is even said to be able to naturally elevate your energy and mood.

FERMIO has also released collagen and immunity products, but the Nutritional Cleanse is an excellent entry point into this science-informed brand. Shop it below!


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