Fenty Skin Release Date
Image credit: @badgirlriri

It’s official: Fenty Skin is launching July 31. Despite weeks of speculation, the previously underground @fentyskin Instagram account and website have finally revealed themselves, declaring the last day of July – a mere two weeks from now – as the day we’ve all been waiting for.

Fenty Skin first gained traction last year when it was discovered the name had been filed under the U.S. Trademark office. Rihanna then addressed the speculation in a cover story for British Vogue, explaining that with skincare, there’s “nowhere to hide… it either works or it doesn’t”, indirectly confirming that a skincare follow up to her incredibly successful Fenty Beauty was imminent.

Fast forward to few weeks ago, we learned that Buff Ryder, Instant Reset, Fat Water, Flash Nap, Hydra Vizor and Total Cleans’r were potential product names (again, thank you Trademark office). Now, as of yesterday, the Instagram account is live, prompting followers to sign up via email to be afforded early access. According to the website, the tagline is “The New Culture Of Skincare”, hinting that, like her makeup, it’s a launch set to shake up the beauty industry once again (and gain legions of fans instantly).

Rihanna hasn’t spoken about it in an official sense, but did post the teaser clip with the following caption:

“Ima try my best to be humble about this but, @fentyskin is coming July 31st exclusively at FENTYSKIN.COM!! Y’all ain’t hear it from me 🤫 but you can shop it early if ya drop me your email through the link in my bio…”

If Fenty Beauty launches are anything to go by, the July 31 date applies internationally, including Australia (given it’s stocked in Sephora). Watch this space for further details as they come.