NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 06: Actor Nico Tortorella (L) and Bethany C. Meyers attend the Nana Judy front row during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Gallery II at Spring Studios on September 6, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows)

Nico Tortorella and wife Bethany Meyers will be filming a new show together, the actor has revealed. Best known for their role as the heart-throb Josh and 20-something lover to Liza in US television smash hit Younger, Tortorella, 30, (who prefers ‘they/them’ pronouns) has exclusively told GRAZIA they will be travelling around the world with their partner of 12 years to advocate and educate their progressive message about love.

In a recent interview, GRAZIA asked Tortorella if the pair were ready to have a baby, like their character Josh whose ex-wife Claire startled Younger audiences when she returned to Brooklyn, pregnant.. “Not yet. We are close,” Tortorella replied. “Bethany and I are working on a travel show and I can’t say a whole lot about it but basically it is going to be us travelling the world talking about love, gender, sexuality, relationships, marriage, pregnancy, babies. The way that I see it working is that we do two seasons before we think about really trying to have a baby and the third season would be while Bethany is pregnant. You heard it here first.”

Tortorella, who identifies as gender non-conforming or pansexual and is in a polyamorous relationship with Meyers described their relationship as ever-evolving. “It changes all the time. We have been best friends for over 12 years now. We’re both coming to terms with our non-binary identities and trying to figure out what they mean, the pro-nouns,” Tortorella said. “We’ve hit some roadblocks with each other because of what we’re trying to figure out on our own. But it’s been really progressive and educational for both of us and there’s nobody else I would rather be doing any of this with. And we both are starting to date other people. Since we’ve been married [in March 2018], we haven’t really dated anybody else. There’s a lot of trust and love and it runs really deep. Some days we’re on the phone all day every day and some days we don’t talk at all.”

When prompted on how they have the capacity to not be bothered by the love of their life – Meyers – being with somebody else, Tortorella had the most beautiful answer. “If you love somebody that much and you know that you can’t give them everything, for whatever reason, and you know that something else can make them so happy, why wouldn’t you want them to have that? If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. I’m not trying to own my wife, my partner, my spouse. The only thing I’m trying to own is myself – and that’s not always easy!”

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Tortorella’s poetry collection, All Of It Is You, is currently available to purchase on Amazon. You can stream all five seasons of Younger On Stan