As the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs in the US tonight, we celebrate the heavenly spectacle with Charlotte Tilbury – the sent-from-the-heavens makeup artist who devised the beauty look for this year’s show.

For Tilbury, it was all about tapping the beauty DNA intrinsic to the Victoria’s Secret brand; “killer cheekbones, super-starlit skin, pillowy, fuller wider-looking lips, and glossy limbs.” It’s bombshell beauty 101, and a look Tilbury knows all too well, having cut her own beauty brand from this very mould.

In a GRAZIA exclusive, Charlotte Tilbury talks Victoria’s secret beauty, including all her holy tricks and tips, and how a former Angel inspired the look for the class of 2018.

What is this year’s VS makeup look? And how did you arrive at this look?
This year’s look is a fresh, natural, dreamy glamour look to cast a spell! A flawless ‘your natural skin, but better’ complexion, bigger, brighter, supermodel exagger-eyes, filmstar killer cheekbones, super-starlit skin, pillowy, fuller, wider-looking lips, and glossy limbs that last forever… It’s an angelic filter to enhance what nature naturally gave you – a look that lights up the runway and casts a magic makeup spell on the world!! One of my inspirations for the look was inspired by the healthy, happy, naturally flawless beauty look of Gisele – she embodies that signature fresh, glowing ANGEL gorgeousness! I also wanted the makeup channel that Victoria’s Secret feeling!

Do you adjust the look according to Angel? Or is one set look?
This year at the Victoria’s Secret show there are 60 iconic, inspirational women walking the runway and I want to make sure the natural, glamorous goddess look is tailored to each model. As a makeup artist it is my job to make the most of their individuality and enhance their natural beauty. My magic makeup team are incredibly focussed on getting every model to look and feel like their best selves before the show begins.

To you, what defines Victoria’s Secret beauty?
Victoria’s Secret is all about pure fun, joy and abandon! It is a world of confidence, glamour, sexiness, power and magic that we all sail off to for the night! Whether you are watching it at home, or front row – everyone gets lost in the hypnotising allure of the angels! And this year we have such an inspiring group of women who light up the runway and people’s lives – 60 amazing women each with their own unique story, from over 20 different countries! It is so incredible to see so many sexy, brilliant women sharing the power of makeup with the world!

What are the hero products for this year’s look?
The hero products from this year’s fresh, natural, dreamy glamour Victoria’s Secret Show look which every Angel wore on the famous runway are;

• My Charlotte’s Magic Cream – this came into existence backstage. It is an instant turnaround cream for the complexion that floods the skin with moisture and provides the most beautiful, glowing base for makeup! It is made up of oils and actives that feed the skin. Hyaluronic acid and peptides that give a plump-effect to the complexion, vitamin C and E that brighten and soothe the skin, and Frangipani and Aloe Vera. It is the ultimate comfort cream.

• My ultimate glow primer Wonderglow. This primer steals sunlight and re-emits it through your skin. It has a genius fluorescent core that redirects light to more flattering angles of the face. I created it, because I was always working with the Supers and I would look at their skin and think ‘how can I bottle that naughty, fresh, healthy glowing complexion?’ It is full of Hyaluronic Acid and is perfect for the runway because it plays with the light and amplifies the glow as the models gleam down the runway!

• For the supermodel Exagger-Eyes eye glow I used my limited edition Exagger-Eyes Luxury Palette! I chose this palette because for me it is the ultimate supermodel eye because it gives you bigger-looking, brighter, glowing supermodel eyes. This palette was created as part of my Beauty Filters collection, I wanted a palette that made your eyes look bigger and brighter like your favourite Instagram filter. It has these warm, reddy-browny-metallic tones that morph the eyes so they look wider and even more mesmeric! The red hues colour contrast with your iris to create the illusion of filtered eyes.

• Another secret to the natural Angel eye is my Eyes To Mesmerise in Rose Gold used underneath the lower lash-line to make the eyes naturally pop. This product really is heaven! It goes on like a dreamy, molten, rose-gold veil of light. It is packed full of cooling water, and so it instantly making the eyes look and feel fresher, and sexier! It is such a beautiful texture that plays with the light!!

How important and relevant is the VS show to the beauty landscape? And what does your addition to the show mean to you and your brand?
Victoria’s Secret is a total fashion and beauty institution. It is such an enchanting performance and it epitomises the true meaning of glamour! The Victoria’s Secret show is the ultimate platform and inspiration for beauty and makeup magic! I love show because it celebrates makeup, glamour, music and drama in the most theatrical fantastical way! It is a magical melting pot of old Hollywood glamour and future fashion – those huge, magnificent sculptures that the angels wear as they strut and dance down the catwalk – and the transporting music and performers that move so hypnotically. It is all so atmospheric, exciting and emotive! It is a beauty dream come true to be the official makeup sponsor at this year’s show. I last painted the angels as Head of Artistry for Victoria’s Secret in 2008, and so it is fabulous to be back again, this time with my best-selling, award winning brand and my team of artists ready to create heavenly makeup magic!!