Instagram / @emrata

In the past week we’ve pondered a couple of things: When will Prince Harry propose to Meghan Markle (it happened last night, actually) and why is Emily Ratajkowski not part of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show line-up? The latter thought is triggered of course by a week’s worth of Instagram posts where Ratajkoski has been modelling her new swimwear line, Inamorata Swim.

The collection which boasts six feminine and pattered styles has been subject to close inspection though as New York Swim and Ready-To-Wear designer Lisa Marie Fernandez took aim at Ratajkowski for ripping off two of her styles, says Business Of Fashion. According to the publication, Fernandez has reportedly sent the model a cease-and-desist letter over the stolen silhouettes, something she says she came across on Ratajkowski’s Instagram. “Because of technology, we are really entering an era of accountability in so many ways,” said Fernandez. The pieces in question are the following and pictured above.

Instagram / @emrata

In the United States, there is no copyright protection for clothing items but “since Inamorata Swim ships internationally, Fernandez invoked two European Union Community Design Registration Certificates that she registered in May 2015. The registration grants her a monopoly to supply, import, export and deal in products incorporating the designs within the EU until 2020.” In total, Fernandez has 21 designs registered in the European Union and 20 registered in Australia.

Ratajkowski and Inamorata Swim are yet to respond. The model has continued to promote her swimwear line on her Instagram.