Elsa Majimbo X Valentino
Courtesy of Valentino

Viral sensation and “professional bragger” Elsa Majimbo has arrived, darling. The 19-year-old has made her first foray into the Italian fashion scene and of course, she knows exactly how she wants it to look. She first began to tease her latest collaboration in February, writing “I am SO proud and excited to announce my entry into high fashion with an upcoming collaboration with @maisonvalentino! My team has worked so hard on this and I can’t wait to share more details!” Well, now we know exactly what her partnership with Valentino spells out to be. Under soft light and with wind in her hair, Majimbo revealed The Alphabet for Kids & Adults, her first ever book, made in collaboration with the Maison.

“This campaign is important to me, it’s my entrance into high fashion,” Majimbo began, setting the scene for her book’s debut on Instagram. “It has to be perfect. So, I want to start with a pitch black room,” she said, as the screen goes dark, “while cinematic music plays in the background, until suddenly, a light beams from behind. Then the camera starts to zoom in and, I am slowly revealed, and I turn to the camera and say ‘hello high fashion,’” she said, removing her sunglasses and kicking her leg with a laugh. “Elsa has arrived. Then the wind starts blowing in my hair. I’ll probably need different hair for this part“ — and of course her hair transitions into a new style — ”and then, I’ll talk about my collaboration with Valentino.” She continued: “I’ll talk about how it’s not a clothing collaboration like everyone expects but it’s a book for children and their parents.” And then, she said, bringing the offering from behind her back, “I’ll reveal the book. Wait,” she said, tossing the book to the ground, “it needs to be more interesting than that. It should drop from above. And then I’ll look into the camera and say: The Alphabet for Kids & Adults, a collaboration by Valentino and me,” she said, pulling on a different pair of sunglasses. “Then fade to black. Then I’ll have the Valentino logo and my name pop up.”

Her partnership with Valentino follows her Fenty sunglasses campaign — she swapped her signature Matrix-style sunnies for Bad Gal Ri Ri’s while she ate chips and laughed — and an Ivy Park unboxing, so we’d say she’s getting the hang of this fashion thing. Not to mention it’s hard not to enjoy Majimbo’s infectious disposition, so brands are smart to tap the influencer. “I initially made my videos to bring joy to myself. I would make them and I’d think, ‘I am so funny! I would watch the videos and just laugh!,’” Majimbo told Forbes last year. “I wouldn’t care if other people found them funny or not. Turns out, the videos have also brought other people joy, and I’m so happy they did.” 

Plus, in true influencer fashion, as she noted on her ‘gram last week, “even when you catch me off guard I’m ready.