What do you do when the entire world is reading stories about your break-up with your boyfriend of two years? Escape the city for a girl’s trip, of course. Dua Lipa, who reportedly split up with Anwar Hadid recently, is doing just that, making sure to document it all so her model ex is seeing exactly what he’s missing out on in the process, of course. 

Over the weekend, Lipa and a group of her best friends left London for a countryside winter getaway, complete with everything one needs to mend a broken heart: hot tubs, horses, facials, Love Actually, and likely quite a bit of wine. 

Posting two photo dumps on Instagram of the trip, Lipa shared snaps of herself wearing pink silk pyjamas and a sheet mask at night and a bright red jacket worn over a white button-down shirt with a navy blue Prada tie (yes, ties are making a comeback) and jeans for a misty day out. She accessorised the outfit with white fuzzy Hello Kitty boot slippers by GCDS, which are perfect for the UK’s cold climate.

In other slides, Lipa showed herself wearing a teeny white bikini by Bali-born brand Isa Boulder (she owns the same style in lilac, too) while getting into a hot tub. She captioned the gallery, “Country reset.” 

Later, the 26-year-old singer shared yet another bunch of photos with her bikini and fluffy boots front and centre, showing off her toned physique from both the front and back in a true break-up mood. Also peak break-up energy is the new lob hairstyle she debuted, albeit briefly, last week.

But that’s not all: Lipa then shared three videos from summer, in each of which she’s wearing a different cute bikini, captioning the gallery, “☀️ summer footage ☀️ goodbye 2021 ☀️.” In the final clip, Lipa smiles and waves at the camera, before turning her back to it, prompting Instagram account @DeuxMoi to write, “New Rules vibes,” in reference to her iconic break-up anthem.

As Lipa herself would say, ‘If you’re under them, you ain’t getting over them.’