Dua Lipa is currently on the Australian leg of her tour, performing her final shows after over 80 nights on stage around the world. But if you thought that meant she’d slow down on the iconic wardrobe choices she’s been banging out faster than a pop song backstage, you’d be wrong. Rather, Lipa seems to have saved some of her best looks yet for Down Under.

First, the 27-year-old rocked GCDS’ pink crochet maxi dress with nothing but a pink thong underneath, wearing the look, which features Spongebob’s sidekick Patrick the starfish over the top of the nipples, for a night out in Melbourne where she was joined by friends, including Troy Sivan.

Then, for her latest ‘fit pic while in Adelaide, Lipa wore a grey scoop-neck, long-sleeved shirt from Diesel’s Fall 2022 collection paired with a matching bra and an asymmetrical denim micro miniskirt also by the brand, featuring its iconic oversized silver buckle.

Lipa added a pair of cherry red knee-high leather boots, matching the shade to her bright lipstick. But that’s not all: later, in her photo dump, Lipa revealed even more of her look: a lacy white thong embroidered on the back with her name in blue thread.

dua lipa thong

Mere hours later, Lipa followed up her cheeky post with a look at the lingerie making up her top half, posting photos from backstage showing her in a black lacy bra and track pants with shimmering eyeshadow on. She then posted photos from her typical Aussie summer beach day, wearing matching patterned leggings and a long-sleeve with her bikini set.

Given how fast she’s throwing up her ‘fits, we’d say there’s plenty more in her suitcase where these came from.