By very definition, a sour is the balanced concoction of a base spirit, water, sugar and citrus and traced back through history, the recipe predates the 1920 prohibition in the United States. Nowadays, the heritage cocktail known for its light and fresh tones can be found in the warm alcoves of Sydney’s underground bar scene and in dimly-lit hotel lobbies as it attracts enthusiasts of fine spirits. For many, it is Disaronno Originale that comes to mind when sitting down for the classic cocktail.

With history far more-reaching than the humble drink it has become known for, the sweet cherry amaretto of Disaronno has remained largely unchanged since its early inception in 1525. Prevailing as a closely guarded secret through countless generations, its worldwide boom was seen in the 1960s when the brand expanded out of Europe. Almost 60 years later, while the bottle has been met with a number of modernised interpretations, the bronze liquor inside has been left as it originated. Perhaps that is why the Disaronno Sour is the perfect pairing. Here, we’re shown exactly how it is done for an at-home creation.

For the Disaronno Sour, begin with a shaker and 25ml of fresh lemon juice, followed by 5ml of sugar syrup and 50ml of Disaronno. Next, add one egg white before shaking well with ice (flips and tricks optional, but not necessary). To finish, strain the liquid into a chilled glass with a large ice block and garnish with sliced lemon. Enjoy at anytime of the day.

50ml Disaronno
25ml fresh lemon juice
5ml sugar syrup & 1 egg white shaken with ice
Garnished with a slice of lemon

Drink responsibly.