Candle-lit skin, a lick of mascara, burnished eyes; the makeup manifesto of Dior Cruise 2020 was a simple one. It needed to be, considering the searing temperatures of Marrakech – the spectacular backdrop for Maria Grazia Chiuri’s 2020 Cruise show. As fire pits raged and candles burned, the red dust of the Moroccan desert proved both a spectacular stage but also a hot one, and Peter Philips, makeup director for Dior, knew that.

At the majestic ruins of the Palais Ed Badi, Dior’s new Backstage Face & Body Primer was to be the models best friend. In what Philips called “a beauty statement, not a makeup statement,” model faces were to withstand the sticky climate of Northern Africa yet remain runway ready. But not even the sheerest application of Dior’s Backstage Face & Body Foundation – or any foundation for that matter – is fit to fight oppressive heat. So Philips turned to a rather unsung beauty hero to combat the climatic issues at hand – Primer – a product even he admitted he forgets about. “I kind of forget about primer,” he told Vogue US backstage. “But it really helps your foundation stick.”

Coating model skin in the forthcoming Face & Body Primer, Philips spoke of the benefits of Dior’s new wonder product (and ultimate beauty heat hack). “There’s 24-hour hydration, an instant plumping effect and a beautiful blurring finish. It really is a must-have, especially in this heat.” Add a lick of waterproof mascara and the heat-proof beauty equation is complete. “A very natural look; soft, glowy skin, a little touch of waterproof mascara and just each girl in their own natural beauty,” the ultimate warm weather beauty. As for that Primer, we wait.