Everything is in retrograde, but that doesn’t mean that your home has to be. Crystallised, a new collection of New-Age-leaning homewares from Dinosaur Designs, the Sydney-based design house known for candy coloured resin homewares and bold metallic jewellery, takes its cues from the bold facets and magnetism of natural geometry. Across their signature resin vases, bowls and platters, the label has created imagined geographies from translucent, pale pink, purple and opaque grayscale layers obfuscated by cloudy swirls and punctuated with metallic flecks. Though their manmade nature squares off with the supposed healing properties of natural crystal, there’s still something entirely alluring about the finished product.

“I set out to push the boundaries a little with the Crystallised collection,” says co-Creative Director, Louise Olsen. “The inspiration for the collection is still firmly anchored in nature, but the drama of those transparent crystal-esque pieces is a little unexpected, which I like. The collection is at once formal and playful, catching the light with facets and metallic flecks and elegant forms.” Like naturally formed mineral crystals, which surface each year and are never found again, the charm of Crystallised (as with the remainder of Dinosaur Designs’ output) is found in the singularity of each piece and its ineffable imperfections – no two resin formations ever look the same.

Crystallised is available online and in Dinosaur Designs’ Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New York, and London stores now.

Tile and cover image: Supplied