One week after their star-studded reunion, the cast of Friends isn’t done using their revival as an excuse to tap every celebrity fan of the show for a favour just yet. 

Following on from Lisa Kudrow singing a duet with Lady Gaga, Courteney Cox has one upped her, teaming up with none other than Sir Elton John and Ed Sheeran for a song. 

Dubbing it “one of the greatest moments” of her life”, Cox, John, Sheeran and Brandi Carlile sang a rendition of John’s 1971 hit “Tiny Dancer,” dedicating it to Kudrow, who sang the ballad on an episode of Friends.

In the episode ‘The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy’, Kudrow’s character Phoebe Buffay mistakenly recites the lyrics of the song. In the episode, Pheobe says the most romantic song is “the one that Elton John wrote for that guy on Who’s the Boss?” 

When Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) asks Pheobe, “Which one was that?” she responds: “Hold me close, young Tony Danza.”

Referencing the segment, Sheeran says, “Lisa Kudrow, this one’s for you,” before the group burst into song. To pay tribute to the scene, the group jokingly misquote the verses, which actually go: “Hold me closer, tiny dancer.”

“One of the greatest moments of my life. This one’s for you @lisakudrow.” Cox captioned the footage.

In response, Kudrow posted a video to Instagram, saying, “OK, Ed Sheeran, Courteney Cox, Brandi Carlile and Elton John, that was the most thrilling thing ever. It was so good.”

“Technically it’s ‘Hold me close, Young Tony Danza,’ but what you did was great too,” she added. “And, including the original song that you wrote, Sir Elton, that was really good too.”

The video comes one week after Cox and Sheeran (new best friends?) performed the infamous choreographed dance from the sixth season episode of Friends, ‘The One With The Routine.’

In the video posted to Instagram, the duo recreated the famous dance routine originally performed by Cox and David Schwimmer’s brother and sister characters, Ross and Monica Gellar at a New Year’s Eve party. And honestly, they did a great job:

Whatever’s going on with Cox and Sheeran’s newfound friendship, please continue to keep it on the ‘gram.