Not unlike Halloween and right-wing nationalism, Thanksgiving is one of those dominant American cultural institutions that many an Australian has now inexplicably embraced as their own. Perhaps it’s the allure of holiday-sanctioned hedonism occurring at a time of year where there’s no shortage of excesses to be had. Or perhaps it’s just a love of pie expressing itself in manifold forms. Either way, Australians with American antecedents and even those without will come together on November 22 to give thanks for – well, whatever it is that’s left to be thankful for.

If you’re planning on adopting the holiday as one of your own, it’s important to account for the seasonal disparity without sacrificing on festive cheer. Opt, then, to serve a cocktail so simple that even those in the highest offices of both countries could assemble the drink with minimal fuss. Courtesy of the head of hospitality at the Archie Rose distillery, Harriet Leigh, consider the ‘Coast and Coconut’. It is, Leigh says, “exactly what it says on the tin.

“Open a coconut, drink a splash – enjoy the transcendent power of electrolytes – then top up said coconut with Archie Rose Summer Gin Project: Coast”, a tincture developed as part of the distillery’s Summer Gin Project – a two-part, limited edition series that showcases both Australia’s most challenging season as well as its two most distinctive natural environments (the bush being the other half). Once the equal parts fruit forward and slightly saline gin has been added to the once-virtuous coconut water, Leigh advises that you “acknowledge the reduction in worthiness of the coconut, ignore, continue to drink.”

Coast & Coconut
30ml Archie Rose Summer Gin Project: Coast
1 Coconut

“Relish in the salty, peachy, coconut-y coconut,” says Leigh. “Has gin and juice ever been so good? No. I guarantee if you buy a dozen coconuts, a machete (or Coco Jack if you want to keep your fingers) you will make more friends by the beach this summer with this drink than you know what to do with.”

Tile and cover image: Supplied