While it might not be the first time Coach creative director Stuart Vevers has tapped an American icon for a collection, this is certainly the first with such enchantingly twisted undertones, paying homeage to the rebellious nature of the brand’s iconic first designer Bonnie Cashin (1962-74).

As part of the Coach Pre-Fall 2018 collection, British-born Vevers has instilled dark undertones into each piece, in some cases through obvious motifs, and other times the subtle  of hand-crafted techniques of studding, fringing and patchwork. Consider them regular Coach ready-to-wear and leather goods with a spooky, romantic twist.


Coach, Disney x coach poison apple intarsia sweater , $725. SHOP IN STORE
Coach, disney x coach sleepy hoodie, $550. SHOP IN STORE
Coach, embellished denim pant, $995. SHOP IN STORE
Coach, parker 18 inch colour block signature canvas bag, $450. SHOP NOW
Coach, disney x coach duffle 12 inch signature patchwork bag, $725. SHOP SIMILAR IN STORE
Coach, signature lace up boot in patchwork, $1095. SHOP SIMILAR IN STORE

This is a collection shady by name and shady by nature, from retro graffiti fonts and tough moto jackets to spray-can iSIMILllustrations and retro military references. Think rock goddess Stevie Nicks with a modern day It-girl twist. Motifs from stories like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Sleeping Beauty – cute woodland creatures next to skulls and sinister poisoned apples – will appeal to anyone who prefers their sentimental childhood throw-backs with a razor-sharp edge.

To demonstrate in-situ, GRAZIA photographed the star of another more modern haunting tale, Picnic at Hanging Rock’s Lily Sullivan. The 24-year-old Brisbane native, who came runner-up for the prestigious 2015 Heath Ledger Scholarship, was the ideal muse to tie together pieces from the dramatic Pre-Fall 2018 range.

Coach, embellished shearling jacket, $3495. SHOP SIMILAR IN STORE
Coach, mixed print pleated short dress, $1295. SHOP SIMILAR IN STORE
Coach, lace up bootie with western stitch, $1095. SHOP IN STORE

As an AACTA Award-nominated performer, Sullivan knows better than most the unique two-way relationship between clothes and characters. Similar could be said for the emotive contribution of the Blue Mountains shoot location, an “enchanting and absurd” (Sullivan’s words) cabin set deep in the woods, aptly called the Enchanted Cave.

“Exploring how a character dresses is a big part of my [acting] process.”

“It allows me to step out of myself and into the role,” Sullivan told GRAZIA. “Costumes help me develop my character while my own everyday wear helps me express my moods.” Likewise, the female rock n’ roll icons that inspired this collection are famous for the kind of attitude and sexy swagger these clothes imbue.


Coach, arizona varsity souvenir jacket, $1295. SHOP IN STORE
Coach, military trousers, $550. SHOP IN STORE
Coach, tea rose applique dinky crossbody bag in leather , $1095. SHOP now
Coach, lace up bootie with western stitch, $1095. SHOP SIMILAR IN STORE

Time will only tell if long-time Coach friend and collaborator Selena Gomez, who voices a vampire in newly released Hotel Transylvania 2, dares to embrace her dark fashion self in some or all of these pieces.

In the meantime though, what’s the moral of this bold fashion story? A poisoned apple a day keeps the style doldrums away.

The Coach Pre-Fall 2018 collection is in stores now.


Image 1: Spooky cottage oversized sweater $895 and military dress, $1295, SHOP IN STORE. Duffle 12 with rose applique, $650 and lace up bootie with western stitch, $1095, SHOP similar IN STORE
Image 2: lace up bootie with western stitch, $1095, SHOP SIMILAR iN STORE
IMage 3 & 4: military varsity jacket, $1995, forest floral printed baby doll dress $1295, duffle 12 with poison apple, $650, and lace up bootie with western stitch, $1095, SHOP SIMILAR IN STORE
IMage 5: Disney x coach signature sweatshirt with patches, $450, SHOP IN STORE
IMage 6: mixed print shirt, $795, SHOP IN STORE. leather skirt $1295, SHOP IN STORE
Image 7: spooky cottage oversized sweater, $895, sPOOKy Cottage print military dress, $1295, Military varsity jacket $1295, SHOP IN STORE. page 27 bag with border rivets $895, SHOP NOW


Coach, SPOOKy Cottage print military dress, $1295. SHOP IN STORE
Coach, spooky cottage oversized sweater, $895. SHOP IN STORE
Coach, lace up bootie with western stitch, $1095. SHOP SIMILAR IN STORE
Coach, page 27 bag with border rivets $895. SHOP NOW


ART DIRECTOR: Dané Stojanovic
STYLIST: Patrick Zaczkiewicz
HAIR & MAKEUP: Elsa Morgan
MODEL: Lily Sullivan
LOCATION: The Enchanted Cave, Blue Mountains