I Love Every Part Of Me… by Joanna Halpin:

Who is Joanna Halpin? For one, she is a master of taking on different personas. Her job as a model means she tells different stories, expresses different emotions and plays different characters. But for the Cornwall-born, London-based creative, the complexities stem beyond her work (and her social media self). She loves photography but is indecisive; travels consistently but craves the creature comforts of home. No one – Halpin especially – is one-dimensional, but instead woven from a thick tapestry of thoughts, values, feelings, places, artistic tendancies and emotions. CK Everyone is a scent that encourages and embraces these many sides, the individual nuances that make us who we are. Together with Calvin Klein, we explore the many self-expressions of Halpin, through her eyes, and how to love every version.

Today I woke up thinking about… coffee. I feel most at myself when… I’m around people I’m comfortable with. My close friends will tell you I am actually…. a bit faffy, which basically means I’m very indecisive. My personality is equal parts… fiery and patient. The place I call home is… London. When I need space I… go for a really long run. My creativity comes from… anything and everything. I find creativity in all kinds of places. I have ambitions to… transition into photography. My favourite thing about being a model is… the varied travel opportunities and the meaningful friendships I’ve made. And the one thing about my industry I wish would change is… the politics of it all. Individuality means… being true and unique to yourself. I feel happiest when… I’m with my closest friends and sister. One thing about me that surprises people is…. When I say I’m English! I know I’m in love when… I follow someone around the world. Not many people know… my age. I’m passionate about… food!

I express myself… with emotion. I want my personal platform to be… a visual representation of me, what I’m into, what I do, what I’m inspired by and what I create. My favourite place in the world is… with those closest to me, but preferably somewhere warm. Freedom is being able to… decide and do things for yourself. I hope humanity can learn to… be kind and considerate. I manifest good energy by… being positive myself. The song that makes me want to dance is… I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston. I’ll never stop fighting for… the things and values I believe in. Everyone should try magic mushrooms at least once. My favourite smell is… coffee in the morning. CK Everyone makes me feel… so good.

Beauty Note: Joanna wears CK Everyone Eau de Toilette: a clean, gender-neutral fragrance with notes of orange, blue tea and cedarwood. Housed in recyclable glass vessel, CK Everyone is available from David Jones and Myer stores nationwide.

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Photographer: Tim Ashton. Art Director: Dané Stojanovic. Fashion Direction: Kim Payne. Hair & Makeup: Georgia Hull. Words and Interview: Emily Algar