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It’s Christmas week and here in the UK, we’ve been told to cancel all festivities because – hooray – there’s a new strain of COVID running rampant all over the country. It’s cold, grey and gloomy and the government really should have told us sooner than six days out, but it’s 2020 and who’s really surprised at this point? 

So how do you perk yourself up when there looks to be no end of lockdown in sight? You Google search the one man who can put a smile on anyone’s face: Harry Styles. 

After it was revealed last week that quarantine has not only ruined every normal person’s romantic prospects, but that Styles too has a non-existent love life right now, I went on a hunt to find some other news from the charming British musician, which, thankfully, comes courtesy of Chris Pine.

Pine is, of course, starring alongside Styles in Olivia Wilde’s new film, Don’t Worry Darling. Though little is known about the psychological thriller other than it’s standout cast including Styles, Pine, Florence Pugh, Gemma Chan and Kiki Layne, it has been revealed that the project is set in the 1950s and that the plot centres on Pugh and Styles’ character’s marriage. 

Filming commenced a few weeks ago in Los Angeles, where Pugh and Styles were spotted on set, and now Pine has confirmed that, as expected, Styles is nothing but a “delight” to be around. 

While promoting Wonder Woman 1984, Chris Pine told Entertainment Tonight, “The aesthetic of the movie is beautiful. The story is so compelling and so fun and so dark and twisted … Shooting was wonderful. Olivia is very clear about what she wants.”

Chris Pine
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“Harry Styles is an absolute delight,” he continued. “He’s one of the most professional people I’ve ever met. Couldn’t be kinder, more gracious, I mean, really, I was stunned by this kid. He’s off-the-charts cool.” Tell us more, Pine, tell us more. 

He continued, “It’s a great cast. You know, life is short, so hopefully you get a chance to make good art with people you really enjoy, and I’ve been really, really lucky in that regard.”

What are you thankful for this year? For me, it’s Harry Styles.