Charlotte Tilbury knows her way around a face. She also knows how to make that face look beautiful, building an entire beauty empire around this very skill. With every slather of Charlotte’s Magic Cream, every swoop of Eyes to Mesmerise, every (overdrawn) line of Pillow Talk, we look – and feel more beautiful.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty has become such an integral part of the beauty Zeitgeist (and our cosmetic kits), we can’t imagine our makeup bags without it. Leaving the house without a Lip Cheat in your handbag? (Gasp!)

So ahead of tonight’s Australian premiere of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (where Charlotte did the makeup), we asked her what her three favourite products were, and how we really should be using them. Like picking a favourite child, it was a hard ask, but Charlotte was up to the task and settled upon three of her faves (and GRAZIA faves): Lip Cheat, Filmstar Bronze & Glow and Exagger-Eyes. Plus, for a little something extra, watch Charlotte go backstage with the Angels below.

Supermodel cheekbones here we come.

charlotte’s magic makeup tricks

•  Lip Cheat Lip Liner
“The finishing touch to this year’s look was all about natural, pillowy, supermodel lips. My iconic Lip Cheat liner in Pillow Talk re-shapes the appearance of your lips by mimicking the natural shade of your lips and giving you the most pillowy pout in the world – it’s what I call a lip-illusion! When I was applying my Lip Cheat to the Angel’s lips, I asked them to smile slightly to get a bit of tautness in the lips, that way it reveals the shape and I could softly outline the shape of the lips to cheat my way to a more plumped-looking pout with a flawless finish!”

•  Filmstar Bronze & Glow
“For a naturally killer contour and ethereal glow… my Filmstar Bronze & Glow is the ultimate failsafe contour kit! I wanted all of the Angels to have a natural contour and ethereal glow under the lights of the runway! I used my Powder & Sculpt brush to suck in the cheeks and follow the hollows. The wonderful thing about this palette is that I created with the most finely milled powders and the most natural tones and so you will only look ever bronzed and beautiful. The glow is like dripping celestial candlelight onto the top of the Supermodels cheekbones. You can pop it in the inner corners of the eyes, on the Cupid’s bow, on the temples, cheekbones, and body!”

• Exagger-Eyes Luxury Palette
“If you want to create the eye look from the show, my luxury palette is as easy as PRIME, ENLARGE, DEFINE AND POP! My bigger brighter eyes in Exagger-Eyes is the ultimate dreamy Supermodel eye filter that’s so makeup made easy. Just take the PRIME shade and wash it over the eyelids back and forth like windscreen wiper with the Blender brush. This instantly brightens the eyes. Then using the ENLARGE shade on the eyelids, focus on the crease and the outer V of the eyes for a dreamy, seductive shape using your blender brush again! Finish by running the DEFINE shade onto the lash line. It’s an eye-enhancing reddish-brown that contrasts with the iris to make the eyes look wider! It’s magic!”