In beauty there is two camps: the functional and the fancy. Chanel is well-versed in the virtues of both, but this newish launch is certainly an ode to all that is fun (and fancy) about fragrance. Chanel Chance Perfume Pencils are, as the name suggests, solid scented pencils that quite literally draw onto the skin, leaving a trail of perfume in their wake. In essence it’s solid fragrance in a fresh format; a new way to write your signature scent.

The pencil box comes filled with four iconic pastel-toned Chance iterations: the original (sweet and floral), Chance eau Tendre (fruity and bold), Chance eau Fraiche (sweet and airy) and Chance eau Vive (a punchy citrus). Each have their own individual charms, but all harp back to the joyous, youthful qualities of the original Chance eau de parfum. As far as usage goes, you can quite literally draw, write and sketch with abandon. The silky tip makes it easy to apply scent on wrists, the neck, behind the ears and beyond. They’re also perfect for travel, tiny handbags and gaining TSA-approval. Chanel in pencil form – makes perfect scents to us! 

The Chanel Perfume Pencils are available at selected Chanel boutiques. See for more information.