If the scent of a woman could be bottled, it would almost certainly smell like Chanel No°5. In fact, it was Coco Chanel’s explicit request to create “a woman’s perfume with the scent of a woman” when she commissioned Russian perfumer Ernest Beaux to craft the fragrance that would become symbolic of all things feminine back in 1921. Rich and powerful, the fragrance is less a flower and more a composition, made up of notes like rose, ylang ylang, jasmine, vetiver and aldehydes – a first at the time. The resulting scent was hand-chosen by Coco Chanel herself, and the fifth in a lineup of nine presented by Mr Beaux. It warm, rich and supremely luxurious; a masterpiece of sorts. Here, we revisit the legendary scent, but with a twist. Five for five – specifically a handful of new ways in which you too can experience the magic that is Chanel No°5. Try one, or all five, below.

Marilyn Monroe stars in a vintage Chanel No.5 commercial

Laundry Day

Steaming a little party dress for your foray back out into the real world? Mist it lightly with a little No°5 while the fabric is still warm. Paired with a touch on the wrists and behind the knees, you’ll leave fellow revellers in a hypnotic cloud as you shimmy into the rest of the evening.

Pillow Talk 

If you have an adult sleepover (or two) planned with a new suitor, keep a Chanel No°5 purse spray handy, and gently mist the sheets prior to your departure. It will create the perfect olfactive memory the next time they roll over and inhale.

Layer Up

If you’re one who favours a bold approach, layer your scent a multitude of ways. First, lather up with Chanel No°5 The Bath Soap. The delicate, frothy lather will leave just a whisper. Next, hydrate with a slather of Chanel No°5 The Body Lotion onto damp, glistening limbs. Once dry and dressed, go in with the pièce de résistance: a mist of Chanel No.5 eau de parfum. Heaven scent indeed.

Paper Trail

Put a little luxury into the mundane by misting the pages of your diary or date book with No°5. When you open it each morning, you’ll be met with meetings, but also rose, ylang ylang, and rich, musky aldehydes. Digitally inclined? Lace your latest paperback with its perfume for a novel reading experience.

On The Pulse

The original and best way to wear your Chanel No°5 is by spraying onto pulse points like the wrists, behind the knees and in the small of your neck. The warmth of these places will help the fragrance to permeate, enveloping you in a softly scented cloud all day long. Also, refrain from rubbing – it only crushes the delicate notes.

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