In beauty there’s fragrance, and then there’s Chanel fragrance. The most famous of which is Chanel No. 5 – otherwise known as the best-selling fragrance in the world. The heady, musky scent is the product of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s auspicious feelings about the number five. It was her lucky number, so she choose the fifth sample presented to her by perfumer Ernest Beaux, and the name inherently stuck. Now, its iconic perfume clouds millions of women during their every day – it’s an extension of who they are.

The 2017-released Gabrielle by Chanel fragrance was created to pay homage to Coco – the woman who sparked such a beauty legacy with Chanel No. 5. It’s a luminous and airy floral that features all the classic Chanel trademarks: feminine, expressive and classic all at once. The modern scent has found its feet as the brand’s newest icon, but as of September 1st, it’s been reimagined as Chanel Gabrielle Essence: a new addition to the Gabrielle family that features hallmarks of the original, but with the added lightness of four white flowers close to Coco’s heart – tuberose, ylang ylang, jasmine, and orange blossom.

Gabrielle Essence is fronted by none other than the luminous Margot Robbie. A pioneer in film, Robbie is as beautiful as she is intelligent, making her the perfect fit. Composed by Oliver Polge, its light radiance is perfect for Robbie, who operates as a breath of fresh air in the celebrity circuit. Swathed in gold and Champagne-hued silk, a Chanel-clad Robbie looks like a vision in the campaign visual as well, but would you expect anything less from the house of Chanel? We think non. Gabrielle Essence by Chanel is on sale from September 1, 2019.

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