Credit: Supplied by CHANEL

If there’s one thing we can trust Chanel for – that isn’t innovative experiences and dependably iconic design – its an unmatched ability to take ordinary objects and transform them into a covetable, luxury item. In fact, it has being doing so for 100 years, with 2021 marking a century of the French fashion house’s most iconic fragrance Chanel N°5, prompting global celebrations and party favours – the latter of which involves its new beauty collection, Chanel Factory 5.

The limited edition line consists of chic bath and body products that all carry the signature Chanel N°5 scent, which has earned its place in history as arguably the most famous perfume of all time. The sophisticated, minimal packaging feels fresh and modern, while still classic and quintessentially Chanel.

Credit: Supplied by CHANEL

With a track record of reinvention, its little wonder that Chanel Factory 5 contains a novel formulation, produced with N°5 as the sole ingredient. The decision to elevate objects from everyday essentials into luxury items came from the classic house codes, which saw founder Gabrielle Chanel break boundaries and subvert convention. The collection also evokes an element of playfulness, with typically uninteresting items given new life – such as the N°5 Shower Gel, which resembles a paint can.

“The things we use the most, if they provide a luxurious experience, are also valuable. Dressing these objects with the N°5 identity, they become luxurious, iconic products, while keeping their own designs. Taking everyday products allows for a less intimidating approach and creates new opportunities for daily exposure to the absolute wonder that is N°5,” Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, Chanel’s Head of Global Creative Resources Fragrance and Beauty, said in a statement.

Credit: Supplied by CHANEL

“Whether it’s a tube of paint, a tea tin or a burette, all are universal, timeless objects that we have dressed in N°5’s visual codes so as to transfigure them.”

The house will be activating its Chanel Factory 5 in pop-up experiences across the globe, with the new collection of products available for purchase in an immersive playground that will thrill double C devotees.

In Australia, you’ll be able to visit the Chanel Factory 5 and witness the production for yourself at Chanel’s Chadstone pop-up, which runs for two weeks from Tuesday 29 June, or you can shop the products via Chanel boutiques.

Here’s a sneak peek at the special edition Chanel Factory 5 releases below, but the brand hints that many more surprises are in store.

Chanel N°5 The bath tablets

Chanel N°5 The shower gel

Chanel N°5 the body lotion

Chanel N°5 the body oil

Chanel N°5 the Body cream